Dirty Dreams

Sorry not what you think.  Well maybe.

Last run I did with Pottymouth we talked a lot about how happy she is with her Pearl Izumi Peak II trails shoes.  Seriously, if you asked her to choose between cake and these shoes, I think her head would explode.

I am really intrigued with these shoes and I’m hoping this fall to try them. Maybe even before Vermont.  It would be nice to have an alternate shoe for Vermont.  The speedcross will be a good shoe if the weather is anything like last year but if it’s dry the course is nice enough for a light trail shoe.

Dirty dreams….Lise and I were planning on meeting pottymouth on the seacoast to do some late evening swimming in the ocean, but mother nature had another idea.  As the skys opened up we decided to stop at Chipolte for dinner.   The rain wasn’t letting up so we headed home and I ate up my burrito.  I realized I needed to be up early so I was passed out by 9:30. At some point I started having lucid dreams about buying several pairs of the Pearl Izumi’s    The store was a giant sized Runners Alley and all the people I know from the stores were there.  Heather was marching around the store yelling at me about buying so many pairs. I remember hiding from her in one of the displays while I had a pair of them on.  I kept laughing knowing it was a dream  (guess that was the lucid part) eventually I woke out of this state only to find my self battling with Chipoltes revenge.

It ended up being an early morning and I got out the door around 5am for about a 55 min run.   The first 3 miles went well but all hell broke loose after that.  I’ll spare everyone the details but let’s just say that Dante’s Inferno should have a special level where you are bent over in the woods with massive stomach and intestinal issues while deer flys chew on your neck and arms and mosquitos bite what’s left over.  Oh and add to that it’s 75 degrees dew point of 70 and everything is just wet and stagnant.

I REGRET having ordered the extra hot salsa….Yes–that was cherry on top of this giant disaster of a morning. … I walked for a bit trying not to cry , it was pretty sad.

After awhile the cramping abated and I was able to do a slow run back to the house.   I guess with all the highs you have to suffer some lows right?

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Poopy (warning- lots of potty talk..you would think Heather wrote this post…) and nothing about running either.

I have been mulling over a title for this post all day because I spent about 5 hours in the car and didn’t really have much else to do.

It’s been a crappy week and by that I mean our septic system decided to act up and I went into panic mode.  We knew the system was getting sketchy but on Sunday things were not working right.  Of course Monday Lise and I were scheduled to go to the Bruins game in Boston.  Luckily I have some great friends who know their shit.  (Get used to it , I’m going to pun you to death)  The weather was also taking a turn for the worse, so it’s just been one thing after another.

Monday was meant to be a rest day since I was going to be in Boston all day.   My friends got the system inspected and I need a full replacement but that is not something you do in the winter so they arranged to have the tanks pumped on tuesday.  I came home to this in the back yard…

Hay! What's that?

Hay! What’s that?

We’re just trying to keep things warm with the hay.  Makes a great insulator.  So I spent all day at home on tuesday waiting for the pump truck and he never showed.  I ended up missing my crossfit session.  I was in a shitty mood anyways.

Also got a call from my boss asking me to head to Littleton and Lancaster.  I thought waking up to 1 degree on the thermometer was bad this morning. I got up to Lancaster and it was -9 without the windchill.   It’s a two hour drive up north and I did a total of about 2o min of work.  I got home and found out the septic guy only pumped one tank. Pretty crappy if you ask me. (Ok yea , that one was a little desperate)  Basement was getting too cold so I had to get the heater set up down there.   Also- ate like shit today and didn’t dare try running.

SO while everyone else has been out doing stuff I’ve been sitting around feeling like poo and stressed about not being able to do laundry at home until April.

As punishment I plan on running tomorrow evening.  It’s supposed to be the coldest of the three days.  I just like to push things and see what my limits are.  I went out to get some wood and I had a neck warmer , face mask, and hat on and it was still COLD.  Currently showing 0 degrees.

I lost one of my running gloves on the train.  Luckily – I can wear my ski gloves tomorrow and they will probably be just warm enough.  I have to order another set so I can have them soon.

Next two weeks are going to be hectic between work and trying to fix the septic system.  It’s just been a shitstorm around here, I do promise to stop with the poo puns though.

Highlight tomorrow is PottyMouths hubby is coming over to help me try to pound holes in the bottom of my cesspit.  I doubt I’ll have time to capture a picture of this epic moment but I’m sure I’ll have some good quotes by the end of the day.

Seriously-  I don’t deserve such good friends..I really am lucky.  (See I can be serious for a minute or two)

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