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Weekly Recap

Monday- Second rest day! Yay!

Tuesday – Run- 6 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles at lunch and Mobility class in the evening

Thursday – Power Pyramid-  Learned that there is something called a one legged burpee.  WHAT THE FUCK

Friday – 8 miles at northwood.

Feeling tired, having trouble kicking this cold.  Weather blows ball sacks right now , hoping it gets better tomorrow.

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Rest day

Took a rest day on sunday

Ate lots of food.

Slept lot’s of sleep.

I’ll post more tonight if I make it to the gym.

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Slosh slosh squeek

Felt really strong today. Pawtuck is all clear for running. Did not get enough food. Tomorrow is a rest day and I plan on eating many things.
Daily workout:

Gym- 15-1

Burpee (120 final count)
pushup (120)
weighted squat (30lbs) (120)

20 situps every round (300)
Long Run

15.3mi Distance
3:04:22 Moving Time
12:02/mi Pace
Elevation 2,489ft
Calories 2,514
Elapsed Time 3:18:44

Breakfast – 2 cups coffee- 2 eggs fried, everything bagel with peanut butter
Run food : 1/4 cup peanut mm, 2x salted caramel gu gel, Powerbar waffle cookie, 400 C of tailwind w/40 oz water (total 800 Cal)

Lunch – 1/2lb pasta, 6oz shrimp , butter, cheese
dinner –
Snack – beer, chocolate, peanut butter

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Countdown begins


Time to start tracking this whole thing again. Winter was pretty slow. Started doing the gym. Wish I had more to report but there just wasn’t anything exciting going on.

This week was first week after having a cold. I got most of my runs in and got to the gym three times.

Trails are finally clear and a lot drier than expected. I wore my Sportiva’s tonight and punched through some thick mud a few times. Workout was a 6 miler with 4 X 60 sec
hill repeats thrown in for fun. Legs were heavy but I picked it up after the repeats. I can’t wear the sportiva’s anymore this year. Ripping my feet apart. I love them but
I’ll just suffer with wet feet moving forward. Need to order a few pairs of N2’s for the first half of the summer. I’ll get more later in the summer and hope to go into the
hundred with at least two semi fresh pairs.

Workouts were strong this week. Shoulder is a little tweaked after yesterdays power pyramid workout. We started with two min of pullups. That’s always fun.

It was nice to get on sketchy today. I’m pretty lucky to have that thing right out my door. Food intake wasn’t as much as I was supposed to eat today. I’ll need to make up
for it tomorrow and Sunday. I have 16 miles scheduled for tomorrow. Going to try and hit all three peaks at pawtuck tomorrow.

Daily workout: Sketchy Trail Hill Repeats

6.3mi Distance
1:01:06 Moving Time
9:34/mi Pace
Elevation 428ft
Elapsed Time 1:07:13


Breakfast – Works bagel with Ham and Cheese / coffee
Lunch – Salami/ ham/ cheese on pita- Lime corn chips – seltzer – 1 cup almonds 1 cup peanut M&M
dinner – Lentil-Crusted Salmon with Spinach-Yogurt Dal & Apricot Chutney – 1 Beer – 1 seltzer
Snack – 85% chocolate with Peanut butter

Short on calories today.

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