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Count down is on.  Jan 1st the lottery opens.  I hate to say this out loud but I’m still on the fence.

So-  I’m just going to go on some verbal diarrhea.

I’m trying to rationalize all this training I’m about to do for this race in May and I had a long talk with the wife about it, what my want’s needs and desires are.   It’s complicated.  I don’t think anyone would really understand the internal issues I’m having with moving forward with this whole adventure.  Another issue I am having was I *THOUGHT* I had found a new form of training and come to find out, the more I read about it the more I am becoming a bit skeptical.  All roads once again point to “Running is not one size fits all”  It’s going to take work. It’s going to take me being more proactive with my coach and adjusting things as we go.  I’ll try to meet up with her to discuss. I’ll see how January goes.  I think I can work around the miles with the other work I want to do.  It will mean more meal planning, more working out at lunch and doing workouts after work.

You know..I like the guys at trailrunner nation but I swear they don’t do their homework.  They basically let anyone on and it’s a 45 min infomercial for whatever the guest is pushing.  Case in point is the latest craze of doing more weights and less running.  It’s funny for someone who has two books Brian Mackenzie has very little on the internet in regards to finishes and race reports.  I do see a lot of comments about him DNF’ing all the time.

I’m convinced I need miles AND weight workouts.

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