Dearest diary
I apologize for latest absence. I have been incapacitated by the plague. It is worse than you can imagine. I may have developed pneumonia. The part that is killing me is that I can’t run. It is maddening. All this work and now nothing.

I’m trying to stay positive. By positive I mean not punching shit.


If you are a runner and you see this. If you are feeling sick in flu season, don’t push it. Rest. Take a few days off.

I’m done being social. People are just giant germ bags. Fuck that.

I need to go take some drugs , back in a minute.

I hope you waited a few minutes before continuing to read, otherwise you are messing with the mojo of this post.

Secretly or not so secretly I’m a video game junkie…or used to be. It was fun until they started making everything about playing against other people. Every once and a great while a new game comes out that is worth playing.

I recently played the last of us. Such a great story and fun to play.

Sort of on that note , when I work I hate silence, the sound of other humans annoys the fuck out of me. I would annoy the fuck out of myself if I heard me so I’m an equal opportunity hater in that regard. Problem is when I listen to music I get wrapped up in the music and don’t get work done. Well…I came across an article the other day and someone suggested listening to video game soundtracks. This stuff is composed to help you concentrate while you play.

I put this to the test last night. Spotify has the full collection of the music from the last of us. I played that while reading and was able to focus the entire time. It wasn’t until an hour later that I heard the music and realized how …. Powerful it was.

I recommend listening to some work by this composer. He is amazing. Gustavo santaolalla. His classical guitar playing is beautiful. Well..assuming he played it..if he just wrote it, his compositions are wonderful.

They say the same thing about classical music, which for the most part has worked for me in the past. Kind of burnt out on it right now though.

A few sketches I tried with my new ipad program… There’s no blending or layering so they get messy, plus my bad perspective skills and lack of talent. Still, it’s fun, and keeps my mind off of punching things.

Thought I was going to have more to say but I don’t right now so later gatah.



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One thought on “Overdue

  1. Cool cat. Get well soon and good luck with not punching shit.

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