Woke to snow and work opening being delayed. I told lise to sleep in. It stopped snowing.
It started snowing again when I woke her up..and it snowed heavy. Awesome.

Got in and got to work on fixing a lot of our records.

SteveO decided he wanted to run this afternoon. Lise told him I was running so he decided to join me.

I checked in with Heater to see if she wanted to go.

Not sure if I have mentioned…Pottymouth=Heater…. Less letters to type. Seemed a fitting nickname for her anyways.

Looked out the window at 3:45 and saw the wind blowing at about 500mph. I laughed…then cried when Steve posted that he would be at my house for 5pm.

I posted a picture of sperm under the microscope for my facebook Throwback thursday pic…probably wrong but I STOPPED CARING. Poor bastards have no idea what is in store for them next week.

Steve showed up at 4:45 lucky for him I still had pants on.

Heater showed up late. For the rest of the world she was on time…but for her..late.

She needed to vent. We watched her explode like a volcano that’s been brewing all day. Lise ran over to her and offered her an arm to punch. Instead Heater gave her a big hug. Had this been a chick flick I would have gotten a little teary eyed.

We went outside and questioned our sanity when the wind hit us in the face…we ran a pretty decent pace up sketchy. I was way too positive for the group. I think I was yelling some bullshit about how we should be enjoying the last time we have to run in negative temps this winter. I got a lot of interesting comments like “Fuck you” “Go fuck yourself” “I’m going to punch you in your mouth”

I have awesome friends.

I watched Steve run sketchy like a drunk wookie. It was awesome. If you have never seen a drunk wookie run through the woods then come run with us sometime.

Steve doesn’t look like a wookie but it was the only thing I could think of.

We got back and chatted for a bit then I made dinner.

Hoping this weather goes away soon. I’m tired of being covered in snot after runs.


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