Rain and pain

I started using this program called day one again for making diary entries. It’s such a simple interface. I’ve also decided to change my entry style. It is going to be more bullet pointing.. No real flow. Just some random thoughts from throughout the day. If there is anything of real interest I’ll go a little deeper. So , that hopefully will explain these entries and why they may read differently. I think I just don’t want to have to put much thought into writing but still want to record stuff.

So today…

Work sucked again, I managed to get another talking to due to my attitude. I have decided that from now on my response is “I don’t fucking care.” I really don’t anymore. Shit breaks I’ll fix it but don’t expect me to really care how horrible it is you can’t get to Facebook/tumbler/Instagram etc.

Felt physically strong all day.

Weather was dumb… I think it’s why the world seems so off right now..spring isn’t springing.

Heater was looking to wuss out on her run. I said no, no being a wuss. She toughened up and ran.

I went to meet up with Kristina and Ryan this evening for more winter Wednesday night workouts. Let me set the stage.

Kristina ran with her starter group this morning. Then she went with Ryan in the afternoon to do speed work and hill repeats at saddleback. They finished a crazy workout at four and still met up with me at six for more fun.

The rain started getting heavy just as we started. I forgot my spikes so just to make me feel bad they ditched their spikes too. We started down the road and jumped onto some snow mobile trails. Easy pace. We were just chatting a little while we warmed up. We talked about poop.. And pooping. And farting..you know, the usual runner talk.
At the first trail junction we stopped to do 30 sit-ups and 15 side raises each side. I then paced to the next junction and we stopped to do twenty , one-legged push-ups. We then headed up a small trail to a dirt road. There was a small field that had not been walked on and Ryan had us do a 25 yard post hole sprint up and back. At times I was up to my waist. We got back to the road and Ryan made me do another loop, since it was my first workout today. I then got back and did thirty more sit-ups.

By now I’m soaked but on fire. We start running back and stop at the push-up intersection and do thirty more standard push-ups. Feeling pretty toasted so we head back to the start and we grab our tires. We start a slow run down harmony and the tires are very loud. Notice they tend to become very difficult to pull through the deep puddles in the road. We continue pretty far down the road and then go down the steep hill on harmony. At the bottom Kristina announces she wants to do tire lunges. We hold the tire like a hula hoop and do twenty walking lunges. Kristina finishes fast and does squats while holding the tire up.

We set the tires up and start running back up the crazy steep hill. I actually do well and climb like a billy goat. As soon as the road flattens out Kristina blows by me like I’m standing still. I try to pace her but it’s no use. I walk twice just trying to keep from keeling over.

I get back to the start and Kristina is doing thrusters with her tire.


Inspirational for sure.

I was soaked. Went to hannafords covered in mud and soaking wet and smelling like a wet dog. You know what?

I don’t fucking care.


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2 thoughts on “Rain and pain

  1. Ha, academics are mostly douches. That sounds like a beast of a workout.

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