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Crazy day

As much as I enjoy the digital format… There is something about hand writing that is much more engaging. I would love to leave a library of hand written journals for someone to read someday.

I found some really neat ways to make leather covered journals.

A few years ago I got fascinated with book binding. If I ever got a chance to never have to work again I would take classes in boston and learn how to hand bind books. I have NO idea why I am obsessed with it. It seems so…amazing. Hard to explain.

There is a school in Boston that specializes in a lot of these lost arts.
It’s the North Bennet Street school. Really..I have no idea why I want to do this so bad.

Can you tell it freaks me out?

Some other stuff….. Three posts in one day.

Signed up for the Emerald Necklace three stage race. Basically….75 miles, done over three days. 13k in elevation over the three days. I signed Heater up as a teammate. Lise is going to be our primary crew chief , moving our camp for us while we run each stage. After signing up I was a bit sick to my stomach…Heater just laughed. Glad to see she is in a better mind set than me on this right now. I’ll come around, just seems so daunting to me right now but then again I haven’t run farther than 3 miles in two weeks.

I think it’s going to take a bit of planning but we have plenty of time and lots of gear to buy so how can that be so bad?

The summer of taking it easy just turned into one crazy run after another…A brief overview of what’s ahead.

Amherst Trail race- 15 miles (may 3rd)
Pineland- 32 Miles. (May 28th ish..)
Exeter Trail race- 10 Miles (June 28th)

Then things get silly…

Loon Mountain Race – 7 Miles of hell (July 6th)
BearBrook “marathon” – 28 miles plus all the miles of course marking the week and days before with Ryan (July 19th)

Fish Fry camp! – It’s in July sometime. Hoping to get as many people up north from the team as we can. We are going to stay at Amanda’s camp and I hope to run Isolation. Everyone else is going to throw beer cans at Heather and I but Isolation is a bucket list run. Need to get this one done. expecting it to be an 18 Mile day.

I start my VT 100 Training. Expecting it to take one year. Still on the fence on whether I want to hire a coach or not. Not sure I can afford it. I’ll talk with Kristina and maybe I can work the first 6 months on my own and then hire Kristina for the final six to get me to the 100.

Pemi-loop FKT – 32 Miles loop of the white mountain Pemi-wilderness. FKT is in the 8-9 hour range ..hoping to complete in 12. Heater is in on this one…going to be crazy. Date? TBD

Franconia Loop FKT- 7 miles…took 7 hours just hiking last time. FKT is 1:43 for men… Date TBD but will need to be a weekday. This is the most hiked loop in the whites..Early weekday will allow us to move the fastest.

Emerald Necklace Stage race- 75 Miles. Aug 22nd-24th WTF are we thinking.

Kismet – BEAST of the east. It will be Heaters first attempt at the big boy. 13 miles. 3rd weekend of Sept. This is by far the hardest half marathon I have ever run.

Vermont 50? Probably out this year. The stage race is going to cost a fortune especially after all the gear purchase.

Vulcans Fury Trail Race – 13 miles Oct 18th.

Roaring falls Trail race – 10 Miles ? I can’t remember Nov 8th.

Other goals this summer. Take climbing classes. Do a few hikes….Get the back yard done and the roof’s replaced.

I have so much vacation time at work that I am taking this year for me. I burned out on this project the past three years. If I don’t take the time for myself I can’t see me keeping my sanity this year.

I still would love to quit and be a rent a ‘guy’ All my friends are convinced that they could hire me for one day a week.

Oh and somehow I need to work in parking enforcement in Rye this summer…… GAHHH


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Bring on the spring flooding

Ran two miles with Lise yesterday and it felt really good. Of course I coughed like a mofo the rest of the day but I suspect this may be how it is for a bit.

Training starts again, 5 am Monday morning at Heaters house. She’s working a double Monday but wants to get a run in.

I’ll be working in concord, plan on picking up a trail map of the Emerald trail. 75 mile stage race in August. Costs a fortune but looks like torture…right up my alley.

Next weekend is the seacoast half in Newmarket. Not sure I’m ready for it but will probably go since steve is insane and running the thing with no training. He is sicker in the head than me.

Guess I should see when the sign up deadline is. If it stays warm all week I’m guessing we could get 10-11 in at pawtuckaway on Sunday. That would be a good weekend. Hopefully it’s not too much but we will see.

Watched a film last night.. The road.

Talk about depressing…great movie but ughhhh…… Check it out, but keep the Prozac handy.

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Turning the corner

The worst of the plague has passed. I took my last two pills yesterday. Hopefully they were the cause of my afternoon malaise/ nausea.

I managed two training days this week. Tuesday I did some sharpfittin, then on Thursday I tried a run. Sharpfit was taxing, the run was discouraging. My body was strong but my lungs were not happy and I had no idea how much I could push it. Kept my run to 1.87 miles. 10:30 pace and called it a day. I hope to do some miles today.

Weather is warming up a bit, that’s good news. Snows leaving fast. We should be mostly clear in two weeks. That should give us about 4 good weeks on the trails. We are a bit behind on training but I think we can make up for it no problem. The warm weather is going to make being outside fun.

I guess that is the cool thing about a hard winter, you can appreciate even slightly warmer weather that much more.

We are way behind on hill repeats and speed work. Going to be some miserable training sessions coming up. Not that pineland is crazy hills but there are some and it would be nice to crush them.

Lise is doing much better. She’s excited to start training. Hopefully we get a chance to run a few miles together today.

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Dearest diary
I apologize for latest absence. I have been incapacitated by the plague. It is worse than you can imagine. I may have developed pneumonia. The part that is killing me is that I can’t run. It is maddening. All this work and now nothing.

I’m trying to stay positive. By positive I mean not punching shit.


If you are a runner and you see this. If you are feeling sick in flu season, don’t push it. Rest. Take a few days off.

I’m done being social. People are just giant germ bags. Fuck that.

I need to go take some drugs , back in a minute.

I hope you waited a few minutes before continuing to read, otherwise you are messing with the mojo of this post.

Secretly or not so secretly I’m a video game junkie…or used to be. It was fun until they started making everything about playing against other people. Every once and a great while a new game comes out that is worth playing.

I recently played the last of us. Such a great story and fun to play.

Sort of on that note , when I work I hate silence, the sound of other humans annoys the fuck out of me. I would annoy the fuck out of myself if I heard me so I’m an equal opportunity hater in that regard. Problem is when I listen to music I get wrapped up in the music and don’t get work done. Well…I came across an article the other day and someone suggested listening to video game soundtracks. This stuff is composed to help you concentrate while you play.

I put this to the test last night. Spotify has the full collection of the music from the last of us. I played that while reading and was able to focus the entire time. It wasn’t until an hour later that I heard the music and realized how …. Powerful it was.

I recommend listening to some work by this composer. He is amazing. Gustavo santaolalla. His classical guitar playing is beautiful. Well..assuming he played it..if he just wrote it, his compositions are wonderful.

They say the same thing about classical music, which for the most part has worked for me in the past. Kind of burnt out on it right now though.

A few sketches I tried with my new ipad program… There’s no blending or layering so they get messy, plus my bad perspective skills and lack of talent. Still, it’s fun, and keeps my mind off of punching things.

Thought I was going to have more to say but I don’t right now so later gatah.



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Woke to snow and work opening being delayed. I told lise to sleep in. It stopped snowing.
It started snowing again when I woke her up..and it snowed heavy. Awesome.

Got in and got to work on fixing a lot of our records.

SteveO decided he wanted to run this afternoon. Lise told him I was running so he decided to join me.

I checked in with Heater to see if she wanted to go.

Not sure if I have mentioned…Pottymouth=Heater…. Less letters to type. Seemed a fitting nickname for her anyways.

Looked out the window at 3:45 and saw the wind blowing at about 500mph. I laughed…then cried when Steve posted that he would be at my house for 5pm.

I posted a picture of sperm under the microscope for my facebook Throwback thursday pic…probably wrong but I STOPPED CARING. Poor bastards have no idea what is in store for them next week.

Steve showed up at 4:45 lucky for him I still had pants on.

Heater showed up late. For the rest of the world she was on time…but for her..late.

She needed to vent. We watched her explode like a volcano that’s been brewing all day. Lise ran over to her and offered her an arm to punch. Instead Heater gave her a big hug. Had this been a chick flick I would have gotten a little teary eyed.

We went outside and questioned our sanity when the wind hit us in the face…we ran a pretty decent pace up sketchy. I was way too positive for the group. I think I was yelling some bullshit about how we should be enjoying the last time we have to run in negative temps this winter. I got a lot of interesting comments like “Fuck you” “Go fuck yourself” “I’m going to punch you in your mouth”

I have awesome friends.

I watched Steve run sketchy like a drunk wookie. It was awesome. If you have never seen a drunk wookie run through the woods then come run with us sometime.

Steve doesn’t look like a wookie but it was the only thing I could think of.

We got back and chatted for a bit then I made dinner.

Hoping this weather goes away soon. I’m tired of being covered in snot after runs.


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Rain and pain

I started using this program called day one again for making diary entries. It’s such a simple interface. I’ve also decided to change my entry style. It is going to be more bullet pointing.. No real flow. Just some random thoughts from throughout the day. If there is anything of real interest I’ll go a little deeper. So , that hopefully will explain these entries and why they may read differently. I think I just don’t want to have to put much thought into writing but still want to record stuff.

So today…

Work sucked again, I managed to get another talking to due to my attitude. I have decided that from now on my response is “I don’t fucking care.” I really don’t anymore. Shit breaks I’ll fix it but don’t expect me to really care how horrible it is you can’t get to Facebook/tumbler/Instagram etc.

Felt physically strong all day.

Weather was dumb… I think it’s why the world seems so off right now..spring isn’t springing.

Heater was looking to wuss out on her run. I said no, no being a wuss. She toughened up and ran.

I went to meet up with Kristina and Ryan this evening for more winter Wednesday night workouts. Let me set the stage.

Kristina ran with her starter group this morning. Then she went with Ryan in the afternoon to do speed work and hill repeats at saddleback. They finished a crazy workout at four and still met up with me at six for more fun.

The rain started getting heavy just as we started. I forgot my spikes so just to make me feel bad they ditched their spikes too. We started down the road and jumped onto some snow mobile trails. Easy pace. We were just chatting a little while we warmed up. We talked about poop.. And pooping. And know, the usual runner talk.
At the first trail junction we stopped to do 30 sit-ups and 15 side raises each side. I then paced to the next junction and we stopped to do twenty , one-legged push-ups. We then headed up a small trail to a dirt road. There was a small field that had not been walked on and Ryan had us do a 25 yard post hole sprint up and back. At times I was up to my waist. We got back to the road and Ryan made me do another loop, since it was my first workout today. I then got back and did thirty more sit-ups.

By now I’m soaked but on fire. We start running back and stop at the push-up intersection and do thirty more standard push-ups. Feeling pretty toasted so we head back to the start and we grab our tires. We start a slow run down harmony and the tires are very loud. Notice they tend to become very difficult to pull through the deep puddles in the road. We continue pretty far down the road and then go down the steep hill on harmony. At the bottom Kristina announces she wants to do tire lunges. We hold the tire like a hula hoop and do twenty walking lunges. Kristina finishes fast and does squats while holding the tire up.

We set the tires up and start running back up the crazy steep hill. I actually do well and climb like a billy goat. As soon as the road flattens out Kristina blows by me like I’m standing still. I try to pace her but it’s no use. I walk twice just trying to keep from keeling over.

I get back to the start and Kristina is doing thrusters with her tire.


Inspirational for sure.

I was soaked. Went to hannafords covered in mud and soaking wet and smelling like a wet dog. You know what?

I don’t fucking care.


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Diary entry

Dear diary bar-
I’ll have the cheese melt with some ice cream pleeze.

Today was uneventful. Had to deal with stuff at work. Storms coming tomorrow. March snow won’t go away.

Missed sharpfit but completed my civic duty which seems to mean keeping ken grant out of office.

Decided to run swains , 8 miles on snow covered trails. Did ok. Legs felt tired. Little sluggish.

Lise just said deadwood aired ten years ago..fuck me , where is the time going.

Time to read a bit before bed. Tomorrow night is winter fun training with Ryan and Kristina … Hopefully I don’t break.

Oz man is doing ok.. Cabin fever for sure. Needs a good walk.


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