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Guess it’s about that time

For the five or six awesome readers I have out there.  I apologize.  I realize I posted all summer leading up to the Vermont 50 and then..nothing.

So let’s just keep it simple..Most of you know I finished.  It was an amazing experience made even more so by being with a fantastic group of people.  It will be something I will never forget ..and to be honest remember..So much of it was a blur.

Ok now that the apology is over time to buckle down and get ready for the up coming season.  Two goals this year.  First –  going to get pottymouth to her first Ultra finish.  Right now the sights are on the Pineland 50K at the end of May.  Training begins in earnest Jan 6th.  Second-  Need to get my volunteer hours in for the VT100.  I qualified with a sub 12 hour finish at the 50 so I should be all set to get into the Vt100 in 2015.

Two other minor goals.  Run the 32 mile Pemi-loop in the WMNF  and run up Loon again.  Other than that it’s really about just enjoying being out doors this year.  My wife is going to be competing in a road 10k and her first 10k trail race the pineland weekend.  Super excited to help her get there.  I’m going to be working on setting up two weekly workouts and she will be joining a running group.  Just picked her up a new set of snowshoes so we will be doing lots of snowshoeing around the hood.  She is playing hockey several times a week so she already has a good base so I know she will make strides.

I’m sort of coaching and helping Heather with a training plan also.  It should be interesting to see how this works out.  I think I’m more of an accountability coach than a running coach.  Key is keeping her focused on the goal, making sure she is keeping up with the work and keeping healthy.  Piece of cake….

Steve is going to help with some of the home work out routines.  I plan on adding more weight workouts , at least two a week for myself.  I might even join a gym (GASP) – Crossfit will continue to be tuesday nights – body weight/dumbell workouts another night and I might want to add a third day.  We’ll see.  Going to wait until February to decide.

I’m trying to keep track of my caloric intake this time.  Going to push to keep weight on and add a few pounds of muscle.

That being said..should be hearing a lot more from me.  It’s been a nice break from it all but time to start focusing on the up coming year, setting my goals, setting the routines and having fun.

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