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A little something on desire

I get asked why a lot.  I think every runner gets asked why.  I’m sure every runner at one time or another has asked that exact question of themselves.  I was watching a news recap of Diane Nyad’s swim this morning and seeing what condition she was in when she finished I said to the tv..”Why?!”     The irony of the whole thing made me realize people see what I want to do and what I do the same way I was looking at her and struggling to understand why someone would put themselves through that.

I think , for some of us, it’s about pushing ourselves , to test the limits, to see what we are capable of and what we can accomplish.  Our daily lives (for most of us) are filled with routine.  We are on a pretty narrow path without much divergence.  We don’t get to stray off the path very often and we can forget what it’s like to move off this path.  It’s easy to forget how strong we can be, how talented we are , how much perseverance we really have deep down inside.  I think you can start to become depressed and unhappy with yourself if you forget to leave the path once and while.  The realization of how lucky I am and what I am capable of doing can easily get lost by sticking to the daily routine.  I think it can still happen if I just run daily for runnings sake.  It becomes part of the routine and the same path as “get up , drink coffee, go to work, come home”

Goals, you need set them.  Test yourself, get out of your comfort zone.  Forget what the word impossible means.

At work I have a tendency to call meetings and report to my team and my boss that we have problems.  One day , my boss came into the meeting and saw that I wrote a list of problems on the right side of the white board.  He shook his head looked at me and said, “You need to look at these things differently”  He then walked up to the board and erased the word problem and replaced it with the word  “Opportunities” .

Why 100 miles?  It’s an opportunity to test myself.  Whether I finish or not , no matter how many times I try..Regardless of whether I liked it or not. The important thing is I left my daily path and I tried.

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