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I’m a lousy blogger

I need to update more…right now everything is all about Vermont.  This weekend is another short run weekend (20 Miles total)  I have new shoes I’m trying to break in.  Next weekend is the big 20/20.  Still trying to find some routes to do.

After that I will be tapering down and focusing on Kismet and then the following weekend my first ultra.  I won’t lie.  50 miles seems impossible right now.  I think if I get this second pair of shoes broken in and get a few pairs of new socks I will be all set.

I’m starting to feel the effects of all the running…developed a plantar issue just in time for the big run but I don’t think it will impact me.  I need to improve my rolling and really start doing the yoga twice a week.

I’m increasing food intake into the silly realm now.  Keeping steady and actually gaining a tiny bit of weight.

My blood work came back from the doctors and it was fantastic.  Now to just eat more , it’s getting pricey but’s just money..



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Water Water Everywhere…I better drink some

Remember kids…it’s important to drink water throughout the day.  If you don’t you might fall down and go boom and end up with a fun bracelet on your wrist like this one.



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