I just ran a swim race….

Tonight was the first race of the inaugural  Harmony Hill trail series and the weather has been pretty damn crazy the past few days.  Hot- super high humidity.  Today was a little cooler and lots of rain.  I’m still suffering from Chipoltes revenge, Steve’s crossfit and whatever else you want to throw in there.  I left work early because I wasn’t getting anything done and felt like a truck had rolled over me.  I got home and fell asleep for 3 hours. I don’t think I moved.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make the race but I somehow found the strength to get up.  I stumbled around the house trying to decide what to do.  Heather sent a message telling me to get the fuck up and get dressed.  Fine.

Lise came home and asked how I was doing and if I planned on running.  I felt better so I figured what the hell.  I told pottymouth to come pick me up.  Amanda (Who is waaaay cooler than pottymouth) was coming along too.  She just started running this year and just finished a beginner 5k group.  She also started running at a local park and really likes running on the trails.  We figure she is a prime candidate for the cult.  She did great tonight and says she’ll come back for more so I think we have a new convert.  It will be nice to have someone cooler than Heather around.  (Right now I’m guessing Heather is saying things like “Fucker”  “asshole” etc etc)

The race is being organized and run by a local runner Kristina Folcik.  Kristina has been doing some big ultra’s lately and just won the Women’s Overall at the Cayuga 50 in New York.  Her boyfriend Ryan is a hell of a runner also.  Finishing in the top 10 at 50 milers.  It’s pretty cool to have some them sort of in the same running circles.  I might have a chance to run with them this saturday as prep for the Bear Brook Marathon in July.  Ryan and Kristina are co-directing the race.

There were about 50 people there and they gave some instructions and then they  said go!  I wasn’t where I wanted to be but with such a small field it was easy to zip up to the front.  I settled in about 12 th place  (I’m kind of guessing…I forgot to start my watch and they won’t post results until friday.  I could have been further back not sure.  The run starts in a big hay field and all the rain made the grass heavy and hot.  I was watching the lead runner pull away and looked at my watch and I was running a mid 5…and they were pulling away.  Needless to say I didn’t keep that pace.  Once we got in the woods I knew the trail really well. I run this course partly at least once a week.  I was able to overtake one runner entering the woods and then settled in trying to recover my heart rate and breathing.

It was all for not. The humidity was too much and I couldn’t slow my heart rate or breathing without slowing down so I just decided to suffer.  I kept pace with the guy in front of me for a good portion of the race.  My legs were beat though and I heard someone catching me.  I thought it was the guy I passed but it was someone else.   I tried to keep up the pace but I knew the last mile was all uphill so I let him go and just settled in for the grind.  I knew I had at least a minute on anyone behind me so I ran the best I could until the finish.  The water in the air was so thick…I wish I had gills..it was that bad.  It really did feel like I went for a swim.

It was a lot of fun.  The course is a nice 3.5 miles and everyone did great considering the conditions.  Looking forward to how much I can improve over the rest of the races.

More hill work is in my future.


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One thought on “I just ran a swim race….

  1. spottedimages

    You only think Amanda is way cooler cause she doesn’t make fun of you. Thank you for my late night entertainment! I hate you.

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