Stealthy post

Heather is switching to Mid’s  , which means my running partner is going to be a zombie for a few days.  I thought I would help by giving her some entertainment at 2 am.  I found the neat little thing in wordpress that allows you to post at a specific time after the post has been written.. Very cool.

Problem is that I now have to be entertaining which isn’t always successful. I already told her about my hallucinations on my Saturday run.  Her running has been really impressive lately.   Glad she stopped caring.  It was a good lesson for both of us.  I struggle to balance what is good for her and having someone to run with.  She’s been keeping up with me – maybe not on the long back to back runs but she can fill in the gaps and still bust out a 9-12 miles if she has time.  It’s difficult to tell her no.  She really likes running..I mean REALLY likes it.

Her new outlook on running is working well, she’s happy and running better for it.   I’m trying to take some of that with me moving forward.  Her enthusiasm can be contagious but I think her stepping back and re-evaluating is helping to keep me more focused.  I was really upset at my previous performance in Exeter.  I’ve already forgotten about it and ready to take on my next challenge.  Loon is coming up in three weeks and I’m scared shitless.  I know how hard it is to try and run up these mountains and the weather could be brutal.  I can’t wait to see how I do among some of these crazy people.  I am going to cut myself some slack this time.   I’m no where near good enough to expect great results.  I am giving myself another year to improve my aerobic base before I really really try to best my own times.  I have to constantly remind myself that these are personal tests.  I’m only competing with myself.


Speaking of….



Anton Kuprika is making an attempt at the Nolan 14 today.  That’s 14 14,ooo+ ft peaks in one go at it.  Expected time was 30 hours.  I have been following since he started at  2am  (See that Heather…there are some people awake  🙂   )   He was running strong but this picture was recently posted and his handlers just said that it’s hour 13 and he’s hurting.   I can’t imagine what it must be like at that point.   In all his photo’s never really seen him like this.  I’ll remember this image next time I’m complaining the my legs are tired or that the flys are annoying.  I’ll consider it my perspective adjustment tool.

I just realized I have crossfit tomorrow as well as a 55 min run and a massage…gahhh.  Means I have to be asleep in about 45 min so I can be up at 4:30am to get my run in.

Until next time!



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One thought on “Stealthy post

  1. sharpee

    I think your time zone setting could be off, this published at 5. See you tonight!

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