Some complainin’ and updatin’

Updated my photo to something more seasonal.  Been a week since Pineland.  I woke up 7 days ago to 38 degrees- snow and rain.  Today it’s going to be in the 90’s and Florida humidity.  Have to love New England.

Pineland was a great event and next year I’ll be running the 50k for sure.  We are also hoping to get more people up for the 5k and 10k races on Saturday.  Our little team of runners seems to be growing and it’s exciting to have more people going to events.

My last musings were a bit reflective- I really wasn’t excited about the post and , I don’t know how to explain it, feel like it was too personal in some ways but I’ve received some nice feedback on it.  I think what bugs me about it was that it wasn’t really thought out , I sort of threw some shit at the wall and wanted to see what would stick.  I think it’s a bit unfocused, even more so than my regular ADD posts.

So onward we go!   A few updates over the past week.

1.  Please fellow runners, practice good warm up and cool down techniques.  I went for a run on tuesday and felt strong, had a great run. Came back , showered and then hurt my back putting pants on.  I have had really bad back spasms since then.  Still suffering from them today.  I’m still running , which is probably the worst thing to do but I need to get the miles in and I seem to feel better running when the muscles get loose.  I’m going to try to make to a massage this week to see if I can get some relief.  Lots of travel for work this week though is not going to make this easy.

2.  I love running in the heat.  I’ve always sort of known this but damn, I enjoy a little heat and suffering when I run, but there is a limit…I sort of reached it yesterday – My heart rate monitor said “Heart Rate too high…”  yikes

3. I work part-time in parking enforcement for a local beach town.  It’s a major contradiction in my life…well for those that know me…parking enforcement at my primary job drives me nuts. Then I go off on saturdays and do the exact thing I hate. Yesterday was a madhouse with all the warm weather and people were just ignoring signs and blocking roads , it was amazing.  One guy was giving me shit about being in a permit parking only area, looking around like I was insane for suggesting it.  I almost started laughing because the giant sign that says PERMIT ONLY was right behind him and just over his head from my view point.  I had to literally point and say LOOK.  I guess the most disappointing thing from yesterday came at the end of the day.  I was in this one section of town and this really beat up car was parked in permit only.  I knew it wasn’t a local so pulled up and checked and saw the car was probably from Derry from all the stickers but no permit.   I wrote the ticket when a young lady with her young kid came up and started to explain she just stopped to pick up her boyfriend and kids.  I took the ticket and voided it and chatted with her for a few minutes.  Told her to be careful where she parks and we are out there often and ticket fast blah blah.  She was thankful.  (Mind you I did this more than once yesterday..people appreciate you being human once and while)  Just as I drive away a jeep full of twenty something guys, all shiny lift kit, surfboards.  (READ: mommy and daddy paid for)  jeep drives by and the driver yells at me that I have no soul.  Yep…no soul…  I don’t understand how my friends in law enforcement deal with this shit day in and day out.

4.  Cyclist-   I am an avid cyclist..mountain biker, road , you name it.  I am saying this up front because what I am about to say is horrible.  Cyclist are probably the worst people on the road.  I almost punched some yesterday.  I swear , there must be some special “asshole” card the cyclist on the NH seacoast must carry.  Know the FUCKING laws and stop being assholes and maybe JUST maybe people in cars won’t try to turn you into road paste.  I was running along the road against traffic like I am supposed to.  I am a pedestrian , I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.  Four or five cyclist were coming at me and did not move over , I got brushed by them..I started yelling at them to move over , I get a “go fuck yourself”. Classy.  The road was empty, all I wanted was a foot but nope…got a handlebar instead.

I shall end this on positive note though!  It’s’s green everywhere. The nasty deer-flies are not out yet.  It is heaven running in the woods right now.  I am really enjoying it and enjoying watching my friends grow strong and breaking personal bests.  It’s going to be a fun summer.

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7 thoughts on “Some complainin’ and updatin’

  1. Bullet point no. 1, who would have thunk!

  2. Love #4! I don’t cycle, but I scream in my head when I see runners doing dumb stuff on the roads. Like don’t wear all black and run at night in the middle of the street.

  3. Wow.
    1.You’re feeling the love this week.
    2. Sorry for the bad vibes.
    3. I’m living through everyone else’s running this week. So, glad to hear about yours.
    4. You are a most excellent bloggererer.

    • Thanks! You’ll heal up soon and be running in no time. Great job last Sunday, that was an amazing accomplishment in those conditions.

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