It’s time for the SHITSHOW! Brought to you by – Salomon shoes, Stinger Gel Drops, Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

Heather is a mess. I’m thinking Katie is pretty nervous too but I’ve been watching Pottymouth devolve the past few hour as reality sets in.   I’m going to try and recreate from some of her messages to me.


She asks if we should pick up a few gallons of water …my reply

Me: i dont need any water- ill probably bring a bottle or two

 they will have plenty on course

but if it will calm your nerves…We can bring some

Potty Mouth :P Haha ok sweet! No, I’m fine no nerves!

Me : hold on..screen capping that


Fast foward 1 hour and 15 min…..


PottyMouth: Omg. Trying to pack. Over packing. My heart is racing. Gahhhhhhhh


Cool until i actually have to get gear together! HELP! I have three bags goings, lists everywhere

My head is spinning…. I feel like I am packing for a horse show

 AHHHHH camp chair… almost forgot.

I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea-  I won’t lie – I’m packing a lot also.  The weather reports are all over the place.  It’s supposed to be improving throughout the day sunday but Saturday night they are saying possible snow at higher elevations in NH.  Awesome.

We came up with a couple of great nicknames for Katie, our other running partner.  Katie likes to visit the dark place when she runs on long runs and it’s my job to protect people, children and small crustaceans from her.  Mostly by distracting her with awful jokes.   Dark Place, Skull smasher,Queen of darkness, Dark Knight, Angry Maiden…all perfect.

I’m meeting up with Pottymouth and the Queen of Darkness for breakfast tomorrow.  They both work as LEO’s and Katie is coming off a midnight shift and Heather is starting her shift so they are meeting up for a quick early breakfast and not wanting to be left out I told them I would meet them.  I’m the old guy who get’s up at 5am anyways so I figure what the hell.  Maybe this will be our tradition…Breakfast on race day eve.

I have to be honest here.. Pretty proud of these two.  Heather has dealt with many injuries , Katie has been working midnights , working on a masters degree, and planning her wedding…and they still want to give this a shot.  It’s kind of an honor to be able to be part of their attempt at this distance.  We have been running together for almost a year now and I ran with them last year when they ran their first half..Now I get to be part of the next step.  It’s pretty cool.


And just as I was typing this I get this from Heather.

Pottymouth : I’m running naked tomorrow


Yep…she’s lost it.

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4 thoughts on “It’s time for the SHITSHOW! Brought to you by – Salomon shoes, Stinger Gel Drops, Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

  1. Have a good run!

  2. Hey, went to the course today. As you can imagine, the start line is two or three inches of h2o on top of grass. I’m packing 10 pairs of extra socks for my drop bag. It’s also a slick mess cause of the races today. The racers looked like they’d just run a Tough Mudder. Head to toe mud fest. You folks have a pop-up tent? Ha. Just kidding. More like an inflatable dingy and a few paddles. Heather might be on to something with the nakey thing.
    Should be hilarious.

    • spottedimages

      What a fabulously crazy description!!!! As I’m packing eight pairs of socks! I keep looking at the radar waiting for the rain to go away…. Hahaha. Hopefully we will be there for your start. Take lots of pics! Good luck. Here’s to the MUD 🙂

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