Sushi and Mermaids

Don’t even ask about the title…  I’m in a very strange place right now..mostly due to over eating at dinner tonight.  I finally got back to running after the ankle incident a few weeks back.  Coming back strong and feeling great.  Things have changed a bit as far as plans for this summer.  Pottymouth took a promotion at work so her schedule got very complicated and we discussed and felt it was in her best interest to run as part of a relay team in Vermont.  It takes some pressure off her and will keep everything enjoyable and me sane.  I’m kidding…a little.

That said I still wanted to do my first ultra and I still wanted to run Vermont with her so the only logical decision was to decide to run the full 50 miles.  The stupid logic is that I can pace with the relay team and meet up with Heather and have her run me in the last 18 miles.  Why I would do this to myself I am not sure…both the 50 miles and have Pottymouth berate me to the finish. Honestly should be a ton of fun.  It is still a long way off and I’ve started planning out my schedule for this summer.  My weekends are going to pick up pretty fast with lots of big back to back runs.  I’m feeling really strong right now so I’m pretty excited.  Pottymouth is going to try and stay on a 50K training schedule if she can.

Past few weeks I’ve struggled with my weight a little.  I was losing a little too much and have started a new food plan in order to get my calories up.  I need to be taking in about 3000 calories a day , possibly more on my big run days.  This should help me stay right about where I want to be.

Other fun stuff I’ve been up too.

1. Testing my water intake based on a podcast at trailrunner nation.  There are some that think we over hydrate and cause problems for ourselves.  For runs one hour or less I haven’t bothered taking any water.  So far it’s been fine.  I am just going to listen to my body and drink when I’m thirsty and eat when I’m hungry.

2. Signed up for a month at Training Peaks….it’s stupid expensive but it does have everything you could want for tracking. I mean everything.

3. Trying out Tailwind drink supplement.  There are some people saying this drink can replace all the gels and salt packs people carry.  Then again, it flys in the face of the over hydrating and over-salting theories.

I’ll be updating again now that things are getting ready to go.  Pineland is in 16 days.  Really excited for this.  Going to be a lot of fun even though none of us are ready for it.

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