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The Pineland Mud Humper

There’s something surreal about getting older.  There are times I don’t recognize the person that I am.  I guess, looking deep inside I see this 14 year old skinny kid who is shy and just likes to be alone.  I can still see him sort of floating on the outside of all the social groups.. Close enough that everyone knows who he is and is friendly but enough distance so that I can stil be alone. He’s there and I think about him often, I think about all that this kid could have been.  The problem is that 14 year never understood how fast time goes by.  In fact..the kid that grew up into his early twenties was too self absorbed with all the things around him that he forgot to look back and remind himself about that fourteen year old kid that was still inside.  That same person got older into his thirties and became a mess because he kept worrying about everyone and everything else around him instead of the person that was inside.  This person stumbled out of his early thirties and started to look back and remember.  I’m not like that kid anymore.  I’m somewhat awkward and a little shy in some situations but nothing like what I used to.  I’m still that is the same I guess.  I don’t always like to be alone.

I don’t know how I got here…my teen years and twenties are a blur.  I think back to them and they are so long ago , yet somehow still feel like they just happened.  I am starting to understand what a mid-life crisis is all about except instead of panic, I’m just confused.  I just want to slow everything down.  The more I try to pack in , the more I try to experience , the faster time goes by.

I think that is why I have started to enjoy running so much.  While time is a function of measurement in running, there is something else about time while out in the woods, that changes the speed at which it goes by.  It just feels fuller, a more genuine experience.  I also feel the environment is more geared towards who I am.  I can be alone, with my thoughts, just gliding along.  I can be with friends ,we can talk and laugh but we can also run in silence and be in our own space and it’s ok.  To me it’s the perfect balance.

I know, this isn’t really a race recap is it.

I’ve been VERY fortunate the past few years.  I have met a lot of people that have helped me grow more than I thought possible.  My wife has been amazingly supportive of me as I have finally opened my eyes to the things around me and started  listening to myself.

So what the hell does this have to do with Pineland? I’m not sure yet.

I think It’s about seeing myself in others and realizing that the people who you choose to surround yourself with tend to be those people that represent parts of who you are or who you want to be.  I think about it and it’s like one of those portraits that are made up of hundreds of images to form a single image.  Inspiration comes in lot’s of different flavors , but I think one of the most powerful is the inspiration of those who are around you.

I’ve learned a lot this past year.  I learned that there is a certain freedom when doing something difficult and succeeding.  I learned there is  a certain level of pride one can feel by watching others succeed.  I learned there is a certain level of humility when you realize you are wrong or you misjudge someone. I learned that I can be strong.  I learned that I can push myself to a limit to see just how strong that is. Most importantly, I learned that I have friends and family that will be there to help.  I learned that I can be there for them too.

Pineland was a big first step.  I have run longer but it represents a lot more.  It represented a big leap for my friends who had never run that far.  It represented the start of my journey towards a fifty mile race this year.  It also represented me stepping confidently into my fourties and not looking at time as unit of measurement but as something that guides me forward to my next adventure and makes me feel fuller as a person.

Heather has a nice race recap-  I will write more about it later but right now this is pretty much what I am thinking about.


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It’s time for the SHITSHOW! Brought to you by – Salomon shoes, Stinger Gel Drops, Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

Heather is a mess. I’m thinking Katie is pretty nervous too but I’ve been watching Pottymouth devolve the past few hour as reality sets in.   I’m going to try and recreate from some of her messages to me.


She asks if we should pick up a few gallons of water …my reply

Me: i dont need any water- ill probably bring a bottle or two

 they will have plenty on course

but if it will calm your nerves…We can bring some

Potty Mouth :P Haha ok sweet! No, I’m fine no nerves!

Me : hold on..screen capping that


Fast foward 1 hour and 15 min…..


PottyMouth: Omg. Trying to pack. Over packing. My heart is racing. Gahhhhhhhh


Cool until i actually have to get gear together! HELP! I have three bags goings, lists everywhere

My head is spinning…. I feel like I am packing for a horse show

 AHHHHH camp chair… almost forgot.

I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea-  I won’t lie – I’m packing a lot also.  The weather reports are all over the place.  It’s supposed to be improving throughout the day sunday but Saturday night they are saying possible snow at higher elevations in NH.  Awesome.

We came up with a couple of great nicknames for Katie, our other running partner.  Katie likes to visit the dark place when she runs on long runs and it’s my job to protect people, children and small crustaceans from her.  Mostly by distracting her with awful jokes.   Dark Place, Skull smasher,Queen of darkness, Dark Knight, Angry Maiden…all perfect.

I’m meeting up with Pottymouth and the Queen of Darkness for breakfast tomorrow.  They both work as LEO’s and Katie is coming off a midnight shift and Heather is starting her shift so they are meeting up for a quick early breakfast and not wanting to be left out I told them I would meet them.  I’m the old guy who get’s up at 5am anyways so I figure what the hell.  Maybe this will be our tradition…Breakfast on race day eve.

I have to be honest here.. Pretty proud of these two.  Heather has dealt with many injuries , Katie has been working midnights , working on a masters degree, and planning her wedding…and they still want to give this a shot.  It’s kind of an honor to be able to be part of their attempt at this distance.  We have been running together for almost a year now and I ran with them last year when they ran their first half..Now I get to be part of the next step.  It’s pretty cool.


And just as I was typing this I get this from Heather.

Pottymouth : I’m running naked tomorrow


Yep…she’s lost it.

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Pineland is in four days.  FOUR DAYS!!!!  I’m pretty excited, it should be a lot of fun.  I still have not updated our packing list.  I did share with another blogger that we had a list but I couldn’t really post what was on it because we haven’t been taking it seriously…so I figure what the hell.

The four of us (Pottymouth, Katie, TheBoss, and myself) share a google spreadsheet where we post upcoming races we might want to attend and we have a tab to track our packing list.  Of course anyone can edit the list…


Mine started innocently enough…

bone saw
trash bags (large)
folding shovel
rubber gloves
Gel packs
Beach chair
Wire ties

I took out some of the more rude stuff out but you get the point.   The weather for this weekend has taken a nose dive. It was showing 70 and sunny but now we are looking at 70% chance of showers and a high of 58.  Hmm  Sounds exactly like Vermont last year.   So – I know for certain I’ll be running in the speedcross.  Which to be honest I am fine with.  I’ll probably also carry my pack so my running partners can stash a shirt if they need to.  We’re are only doing 25K so I don’t think I’ll need much in the way of food.   I am really hoping to get there early so I can see the 50K folks start but we’ll have to see what the group wants to do. It means a pretty early start.  The most important thing will be a change of dry clothes for after ..and making sure they are warm!!!

My plans for Vermont this year changed..I may have mentioned that in another post but I am too lazy to check.  I will be running the 50 miles – basically pacing off our relay team.  This will allow me to finish the race pacing with Pottymouth.   I figure by mile 32 I’ll look like a crazed homeless guy chasing after this poor foul-mouthed lady for 18 miles.  Should be an epic finish.  I have already started training her to motivate me.  The last few times I mentioned I didn’t feel like running she had me crying and running in five minutes…she’s brutal..and mean.  It also means my training starts this weekend so I’ll be running  week 1 back to back longs.  9 miles on saturday and 16 on sunday.  I have been doing 11 and 9 the past few weekends so this should be ok.

My wife continues to support this stupid endeavor and is enjoying the shit show.  Plus, I bought her new running shoes…How cool am I?

Updates soon , I promise.

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Sushi and Mermaids

Don’t even ask about the title…  I’m in a very strange place right now..mostly due to over eating at dinner tonight.  I finally got back to running after the ankle incident a few weeks back.  Coming back strong and feeling great.  Things have changed a bit as far as plans for this summer.  Pottymouth took a promotion at work so her schedule got very complicated and we discussed and felt it was in her best interest to run as part of a relay team in Vermont.  It takes some pressure off her and will keep everything enjoyable and me sane.  I’m kidding…a little.

That said I still wanted to do my first ultra and I still wanted to run Vermont with her so the only logical decision was to decide to run the full 50 miles.  The stupid logic is that I can pace with the relay team and meet up with Heather and have her run me in the last 18 miles.  Why I would do this to myself I am not sure…both the 50 miles and have Pottymouth berate me to the finish. Honestly should be a ton of fun.  It is still a long way off and I’ve started planning out my schedule for this summer.  My weekends are going to pick up pretty fast with lots of big back to back runs.  I’m feeling really strong right now so I’m pretty excited.  Pottymouth is going to try and stay on a 50K training schedule if she can.

Past few weeks I’ve struggled with my weight a little.  I was losing a little too much and have started a new food plan in order to get my calories up.  I need to be taking in about 3000 calories a day , possibly more on my big run days.  This should help me stay right about where I want to be.

Other fun stuff I’ve been up too.

1. Testing my water intake based on a podcast at trailrunner nation.  There are some that think we over hydrate and cause problems for ourselves.  For runs one hour or less I haven’t bothered taking any water.  So far it’s been fine.  I am just going to listen to my body and drink when I’m thirsty and eat when I’m hungry.

2. Signed up for a month at Training Peaks….it’s stupid expensive but it does have everything you could want for tracking. I mean everything.

3. Trying out Tailwind drink supplement.  There are some people saying this drink can replace all the gels and salt packs people carry.  Then again, it flys in the face of the over hydrating and over-salting theories.

I’ll be updating again now that things are getting ready to go.  Pineland is in 16 days.  Really excited for this.  Going to be a lot of fun even though none of us are ready for it.

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