Lame post about posts I haven’t even written yet

Steve reminded me how much of a slacker I am so I thought I would just verify that I am , in fact, a slacker.

I have a few ideas for posts so I figured I would write the coming attractions first and then fail on not writing the full post later.

Spring Fling!

With spring and summer just around the corner, follow Tony as he takes us on a journey into the in’s and out’s of bug prevention!  Read as he describes in minute detail the delicate and beautiful life cycle of the mosquito, the chilling tale of the black fly or the macabre “sticker of death” for deer flys.  You’ll laugh , You’ll cry, You’ll probably just be pissed you wasted 20 minutes reading about bugs.

Cavepeople  (too pc?) had feelings too, but apparently they IGNORED THEM.

Tony takes us deep into the bowels of the paleo diet.  Oh man, that cracks me up..I need a minute…Let me try again.

Join Tony as he try’s to understand the fascination of eating like people from 40,000 years ago. Where life expectancy matched that of a gnat , we were hairy and smelly and pooped in the woods.  Have you ever seen a happy Caveman?!?!?!!  shit ..cavepeople..whatever.  Don’t you even say “Captain Caveman”  ..That guy was just a hippi burnout from the 60’s.

A beginners guide to irrational behavior

I work in higher ed and the way people are learning is quickly changing.  For example – I enrolled in a free class offered by a professor at Duke University.  I studied Resource Economics and naturally went into IT , but I never lost my interest in economics.  This class is somewhat based around the same subject that Freakonomics was based on.  That is what I found so fascinating about this field , humans doing the complete opposite of what is good for them.  What does this have to do with running?  I don’t know…trying to run 100 miles in 36 hours seems to fall into the irrational behavior territory..maybe not.  I also want to see the potential of this medium for learning.  I’m taking the course via

And before you get all worried that I was getting all serious, don’t worry, I’m going to leave you with this.

Basically this video is for Magnavox Laserdisc or better known as:  “Leonard Nimoy talks to a rock , Dresses to the nines in all white and wears some serious nail gloss”


Also for all my fellow late 80’s 90’s alterna nerds.  Spotify just released a Letter’s to Cleo live is every bit as awesome as you would think it would be.

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