Dear Jimmy-

Serious case of the potty mouth…You have been warned…


I have been reading a bit from the running sites I follow about Jimmy Kimmel’s show where he was poking fun at runners and how much they boast.  I find this ironic coming from a show that makes you watch the same fucking commercials over and over again.  Forcing me to see shit I have no interest in in and day out. FUCKING ironic that this is coming from an industry that does everything it can to force you to watch and buy shitty stuff that they think you should want.  Yea ..Fuck you Jimmy.

Thing is I’m not even angry.  In fact I laughed, because he is 100% right.  Social Media is a sewer (a sea?) of useless information.  There was a time that I used to get upset about some stuff I saw on facebook.  I soon realized it was like screaming into a hurricane.

Here is the deal…I like to be active.  I’ve played hockey and baseball since I was kid.  I ski, I snowboard, I hike and I snowshoe.  I used to ride horses, play basketball and go to the gym. I even used to race mountain bikes and dirt bikes. Now,  I’ve learned to run, and now I love to run.  It frees me from life’s everyday challenges.  It allows me to challenge myself on my own terms, it allows me to go into the woods and move along in the world fully in control, me at the wheel.  It makes me tired, it makes me sweat and it brings me a peace and sense of accomplishment I don’t get in other parts of my life.  It’s what I do now.  I love it.

So what if I post about something I love?  If you aren’t interested I don’t know..maybe don’t fucking read it?

I try to picture Jimmy sitting there on his face book feed saying.. “Jesus fucking christ Tony..I don’t care if you ran 10 miles today ..oh and look here you are ran 13!  What you only did 5 today? AGHHHHH”    Is that what people really do?  Is that why they are so annoyed?

Sorry- maybe I should just do what everyone else seems to do.   I’ll rant about how the goverment/god/worldiscomingtoafuckingendweareallgoingtodie.   I’ll tell the world how shitty of a day I had and how people annoyed me all day.  ( I used to do this)

I really wonder what the animosity is towards runners.  I don’t know…I have no desire to try to understand it right now.  Maybe I’ll write about it more later.  Probably not.

I realize re-reading this that I am ranting, and doing everything I complain about above.  The difference here is that YOU reader came here and seeked this out.  This is the space I feel free to do all those annoying things knowing full well that you want to be here.  Coming along this far and hating it is like opening the fridge and smelling sour milk..instead of closing the fridge you start drinking the milk anyways.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Jimmy-

  1. What did Heather co-edit this one for you? And i didn’t seek it out, your blob spams me!

    It’s easy, they don’t like to look at their lazy selves after reading something like you ran 10 miles while their Starbucks Latte and Five Guys burgers are gurgling away in their fat bellies. You must be the crazy one, not them.

    Isn’t sour milk like sour cream? Yummmmm

    • She actually kind of did…I showed her pieces of it and she started ranting too. Most of the swearing was just me cutting and pasting her comments. Did it really spam you? That’s perfect…now if I can also get it to autosign you up on beanie baby collector sites it would be perfect.

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