The boys are back and town. (and Heather too)

Finally got to run with other human beings today.  The big news is my running partner is finally back on the road to recovery.  Steve is also getting back at it with the running knowing he has the Marine Corp marathon at the end of year.   It was cold, I was wearing running pants that made Steve uncomfortable and matched Heathers…All was right with the world.

I had a bit of a surprise today.  I have a what I think is a decent eye for gait analysis.  I think it was trained from spending years watching my wife at dressage events and recording  her practice sessions.  I spent many winters watching her work our horses and listening to the trainers and soon was able to pick up on little nuances.   I really think I was the only one besides the judge who was really interested in the Dressage portion of events.  My wife always got a giggle out of it.

Now I do the same thing running.  If someone is running by the house my wife will yell out to me to come look and critique the way they run.  I don’t think there is any one specific way to run.  To each their own.  I personally subscribe to the natural running style of running , mid-foot strike, high cadence…land with your feet underneath you.  Use your legs as shock absorbers and return energy into your stride.  It may not work for everyone but works for me.  (of course every picture of me out there somehow tends to be a heel strike..)

So today as we were running I looked over at Heather and noticed her stride had changed a lot.  She was landing mid – forefoot.  She looked much more smooth and efficient.  Talking with her she admits to practicing since January.  It’s paying off, her form looks much more natural and will go a long way to pushing the longer runs and being comfortable.  I honestly wasn’t going to suggest this until next winter but she’s already well into and has been studying on the side.

It didn’t stop me from making fun of her though.

We ran the roads..her hamstring is still recovering and the trails are a sloppy mess.  I checked sketchy out yesterday and it was good in some sections but really bad in others.

You can check out the stats over the blogger sites.

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4 thoughts on “The boys are back and town. (and Heather too)

  1. So, you are pretty much calling Heather a horse?

  2. spottedimages

    A dressage horse. That’s a compliment. Usually.

  3. I’m super smooth with the horse world ladies.

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