The Doctor says….

It’s Sunday morning.  I’m sitting in the big comfy chair by the window, relaxing with coffee and watching snow fall for the 5 millionth FU*$(& ! time on a weekend.  Oh well – going to run in it anyways.  I don’t think it will make the conditions any worse than my last run. Here are a few random thoughts about stuff that has happened over the past few weeks.

Heather has been a mess, between injuries and now having the plague.  I have to hand it to her though, she is staying as positive as one can be.  Let me clarify that, she is giving the appearance of being positive.  I think secretly she is kicking puppies.  I think the mental challenge is good, adversity will help in the long run of achieving her goals.

Had dinner with my Dad and he asked me why running all of a sudden and why such long runs.  I sat there dumbfounded.  I don’t know the answer to that.  Remember that question because that comes up again later…  I tried to explain that I think I have this weird affinity to suffering over distance, that goal achievement is something I can use to silence the voices in my head that are telling me that I’m an idiot and it’s so much better to be at home drinking a beer on the couch.  My brother has talked a bit about this numbness also.  I don’t know if numb is the right word but “sometimes you just do things”.  (I stole that from Scott Jurek but it is exactly that.)  I wish I could explain it better but that is about how it feels.  I am by no means an elite runner but I think I have something extra that might help me achieve the 100 or at least get the balls to try it.

This past fall gave me a bit of a scare health wise.  My cousin passed away in his sleep at the age of 40.   I also had a professional peer who I’ve worked with pass away suddenly and he was also in his 40’s.  I realized it had been about 2 years since my last physical so I called the doctor and set one up.  Took a few months but finally got to see her.  My doctor is great and she has been Lise and I’s doctor for over 15 years.   I was a bit surprised at some of my vitals…I’ve been super stressed lately and BP was spot on and heart rate resting around 56.   Everything else seemed to be in good order.  She asked me a lot about family history trying to figure out if I should be having other screenings done.  I’ve reached that age where they want to start catching stuff as early as possible.  (Talk about depressing)   We talked about my acid reflux and I mentioned I wanted off the meds but she wants to do this properly.  I was afraid to bring up the Paleo stuff in regards to their thoughts on acid reflux and gut flora etc.  So we compromised.  I am to stay on my meds AND continue to improve my diet.  The two big ones are .. Coffee limited to 1 cup per day and beer 1 per day.    I was asked several times if alcoholism ran in the family.  I was surprised..She asked how often I drank and I said 2 beers a night.   I have a feeling she thought I was lying or let’s say..averaging out .. my intake. I am sure that is pretty common.  I can understand her concern.  Truthfully,  I only have more than 2 once in a great while.  That being said , I know the beer is a cause of acid reflux and if I am going to take this shit seriously I am going to give it 100%.   As a home-brewer this is going to be a bit tough but at least it will save me money!  Hell , 1 keg should last several months.  On a final note from the doctor visit.  (Here is a TMI moment so skip to the next section if you don’t want to read about it….waiting…  Ok. )  So at 40 they start doing more invasive examinations and she was warning me and lubing up her finger in preparation for the assault on my sphincter.  I rolled over on my side and got the “everything looks ok on the outside” and then BAM…  It’s been a while since I had this exam but man it hurt and I had this sudden urge to pee all over the place.  So while she’s examining she says.  “So, why running?”  Do not ever…ever laugh with a finger up your butt.

Paleo Diet update

For those of you who didn’t skip the last section, sorry to jump from butt talk to food.  for those who did skip, sorry for ruining it for you anyways.  The past few weeks have been an interesting adventure in the food realm.  I would say I have been able to keep grains and sugar out of 80% of my diet.  I hate to say it but it does make a difference. The proof was really yesterday.  While in Boston to see the Bruins play Tampa we did our usual routine.  Train to Boston -Get over to the Fours for lunch.  My meal was fried calamari app followed by a “frenchie”  basically a huge burger with fried onion rings – cheese  potato’s and baked beans.  Had a dogfish 60 min IPA followed by a long trail.    Did not have anything at the game.  Followed up the game with dinner at Boston Beer works where I had Bangers and mash with two brown ales.  Yes , I know I went over my beer allowance but I am forgoing any today and doc said two on weekends is fine.   I felt like ass after the meals…slow… lethargic, bleh , and bleh.  Then just tummy troubles the rest of the night.

I also had cheesecake with dinner.

The only thing I am struggling with is feeling hungry all the time but there isn’t a lack of energy, and the sugar cravings never seem to go away.  The acid reflux is going WAY down and I can feel it every time I eat any grains or sugar.  It is really interesting once you pull yourself off some of this stuff , when you do slip and have some you really start to notice what it does to you.   I guess when you saturate yourself in it and you feel that way all the time it’s hard to know how you are really feeling.

This is really just reflections on how food makes me feel and how I react to it.  We are all different, I would suggest that people try different things just to experiment and understand how they react to certain foods.  I don’t want to get preachy, I will never be one of those militant vegans or Paleo or die! folks.  All I would suggest is more veggies.  🙂

I’ll post my run later.

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