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Lame post about posts I haven’t even written yet

Steve reminded me how much of a slacker I am so I thought I would just verify that I am , in fact, a slacker.

I have a few ideas for posts so I figured I would write the coming attractions first and then fail on not writing the full post later.

Spring Fling!

With spring and summer just around the corner, follow Tony as he takes us on a journey into the in’s and out’s of bug prevention!  Read as he describes in minute detail the delicate and beautiful life cycle of the mosquito, the chilling tale of the black fly or the macabre “sticker of death” for deer flys.  You’ll laugh , You’ll cry, You’ll probably just be pissed you wasted 20 minutes reading about bugs.

Cavepeople  (too pc?) had feelings too, but apparently they IGNORED THEM.

Tony takes us deep into the bowels of the paleo diet.  Oh man, that cracks me up..I need a minute…Let me try again.

Join Tony as he try’s to understand the fascination of eating like people from 40,000 years ago. Where life expectancy matched that of a gnat , we were hairy and smelly and pooped in the woods.  Have you ever seen a happy Caveman?!?!?!!  shit ..cavepeople..whatever.  Don’t you even say “Captain Caveman”  ..That guy was just a hippi burnout from the 60’s.

A beginners guide to irrational behavior

I work in higher ed and the way people are learning is quickly changing.  For example – I enrolled in a free class offered by a professor at Duke University.  I studied Resource Economics and naturally went into IT , but I never lost my interest in economics.  This class is somewhat based around the same subject that Freakonomics was based on.  That is what I found so fascinating about this field , humans doing the complete opposite of what is good for them.  What does this have to do with running?  I don’t know…trying to run 100 miles in 36 hours seems to fall into the irrational behavior territory..maybe not.  I also want to see the potential of this medium for learning.  I’m taking the course via

And before you get all worried that I was getting all serious, don’t worry, I’m going to leave you with this.

Basically this video is for Magnavox Laserdisc or better known as:  “Leonard Nimoy talks to a rock , Dresses to the nines in all white and wears some serious nail gloss”


Also for all my fellow late 80’s 90’s alterna nerds.  Spotify just released a Letter’s to Cleo live is every bit as awesome as you would think it would be.

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Dear Jimmy-

Serious case of the potty mouth…You have been warned…


I have been reading a bit from the running sites I follow about Jimmy Kimmel’s show where he was poking fun at runners and how much they boast.  I find this ironic coming from a show that makes you watch the same fucking commercials over and over again.  Forcing me to see shit I have no interest in in and day out. FUCKING ironic that this is coming from an industry that does everything it can to force you to watch and buy shitty stuff that they think you should want.  Yea ..Fuck you Jimmy.

Thing is I’m not even angry.  In fact I laughed, because he is 100% right.  Social Media is a sewer (a sea?) of useless information.  There was a time that I used to get upset about some stuff I saw on facebook.  I soon realized it was like screaming into a hurricane.

Here is the deal…I like to be active.  I’ve played hockey and baseball since I was kid.  I ski, I snowboard, I hike and I snowshoe.  I used to ride horses, play basketball and go to the gym. I even used to race mountain bikes and dirt bikes. Now,  I’ve learned to run, and now I love to run.  It frees me from life’s everyday challenges.  It allows me to challenge myself on my own terms, it allows me to go into the woods and move along in the world fully in control, me at the wheel.  It makes me tired, it makes me sweat and it brings me a peace and sense of accomplishment I don’t get in other parts of my life.  It’s what I do now.  I love it.

So what if I post about something I love?  If you aren’t interested I don’t know..maybe don’t fucking read it?

I try to picture Jimmy sitting there on his face book feed saying.. “Jesus fucking christ Tony..I don’t care if you ran 10 miles today ..oh and look here you are ran 13!  What you only did 5 today? AGHHHHH”    Is that what people really do?  Is that why they are so annoyed?

Sorry- maybe I should just do what everyone else seems to do.   I’ll rant about how the goverment/god/worldiscomingtoafuckingendweareallgoingtodie.   I’ll tell the world how shitty of a day I had and how people annoyed me all day.  ( I used to do this)

I really wonder what the animosity is towards runners.  I don’t know…I have no desire to try to understand it right now.  Maybe I’ll write about it more later.  Probably not.

I realize re-reading this that I am ranting, and doing everything I complain about above.  The difference here is that YOU reader came here and seeked this out.  This is the space I feel free to do all those annoying things knowing full well that you want to be here.  Coming along this far and hating it is like opening the fridge and smelling sour milk..instead of closing the fridge you start drinking the milk anyways.

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The boys are back and town. (and Heather too)

Finally got to run with other human beings today.  The big news is my running partner is finally back on the road to recovery.  Steve is also getting back at it with the running knowing he has the Marine Corp marathon at the end of year.   It was cold, I was wearing running pants that made Steve uncomfortable and matched Heathers…All was right with the world.

I had a bit of a surprise today.  I have a what I think is a decent eye for gait analysis.  I think it was trained from spending years watching my wife at dressage events and recording  her practice sessions.  I spent many winters watching her work our horses and listening to the trainers and soon was able to pick up on little nuances.   I really think I was the only one besides the judge who was really interested in the Dressage portion of events.  My wife always got a giggle out of it.

Now I do the same thing running.  If someone is running by the house my wife will yell out to me to come look and critique the way they run.  I don’t think there is any one specific way to run.  To each their own.  I personally subscribe to the natural running style of running , mid-foot strike, high cadence…land with your feet underneath you.  Use your legs as shock absorbers and return energy into your stride.  It may not work for everyone but works for me.  (of course every picture of me out there somehow tends to be a heel strike..)

So today as we were running I looked over at Heather and noticed her stride had changed a lot.  She was landing mid – forefoot.  She looked much more smooth and efficient.  Talking with her she admits to practicing since January.  It’s paying off, her form looks much more natural and will go a long way to pushing the longer runs and being comfortable.  I honestly wasn’t going to suggest this until next winter but she’s already well into and has been studying on the side.

It didn’t stop me from making fun of her though.

We ran the roads..her hamstring is still recovering and the trails are a sloppy mess.  I checked sketchy out yesterday and it was good in some sections but really bad in others.

You can check out the stats over the blogger sites.

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It’s confirmed…the makers of Jockey underwear read my blog.

Just going to get this out of the way before we go on to the story about corporate espionage.

I feel like a truck ran over me..noticed a bump..backed up…panicked and took off again.  Can’t tell if I am fighting off the flu, depression, or nazi’s..

I can’t sleep, I’m really hungry…weird pains in my eye.  Work is pretty stressful and I am sure this is the issue.  Overall I just feel crappy.  I will force a run tomorrow for sure.  I skipped out on crossfit tonight because I think that slinging weights around would be dangerous at the moment.  My focus and co-ordination are a bit off.

I think the one thing I hate about getting old is that when I felt this way in the past I just would swear off drinking for awhile.  Now, my brain thinks Cancer!  Stroke! Heart Attack!    ugggh.

Sorry-  Very negative post so far, really not meant to be.  Well it is, but I promise to end on a funny note.

One last thing.  My last entry was not written very well.  I think I was still high on endorphins or something.  I re-read from the start of my blog and sometimes I write pretty clearly and other times you can tell I’m writing in a post run state of mind.

Now let’s talk about Jockey.  I promise no lurid pictures of me in my underwear, but what seems to becoming a trend, I’ll be writing about stuff that might make some people squirm.  First, you need to read up on the snack pocket.  It’s a long post and the snack pocket is just a minor thing buried in the story but it is VITAL to understand the rest of this story.   I’ll even give you a nice little link to take you there.   Click Me!  I just realized looking through my old posts that I did post a picture of myself in my underwear..they weren’t lurid though.

I am very picky about underwear.  Really picky.  I grew up wearing those horrible tighty whities.  (Am I the only one who thinks they look like diapers?)  There was this brief interlude with a weird set of calvin klein euro speedo looking things.  Think Michael Phelps without all the medals and muscles. They were a christmas gift and I was in 8th grade and already easily traumatized so they didn’t last long.   I then moved on to boxers and spent a long time in boxer land.  I HATED them but hey, they weren’t diapers.   Then, one day I discovered boxer briefs.  It was like the angels of all things underwear came to earth and blessed me with the perfect piece of clothing.  For awhile they were great..until I learned that cotton stretches and wears out fast…now I was just wearing a droopy pair of diapers.  Still , it was better than boxers..and better than euro nut huggers and still better than asylum diapers.

A few years ago I was shopping at Kohls and noticed a new style of boxer short that had some spandex in them.  The company that made them was Jockey and they were perfect.  They stayed snug, didn’t stretch.  Kept stuff from around.  Hey! that’s important when you run.    I have been very happy with them and I’m now entering another underwear cycle so I asked my wife to pick some up if she happens to go out shopping anytime soon.  If not, I would eventually get to Kohls to purchase more.

Well, Last night she came home with a few pairs and said she couldn’t find my usual and picked up a few new ‘styles’.   She hands me a pair of black Adidas branded boxer briefs and two jockey branded ones.  The adidas looked great and fit great. Hell I am wearing them right now!

The jockey ones..  I looked at them and had to double take…Right there in the front was…A SNACK POCKET!  I mean it’s the opposite of what I was thinking but it’s the same thing!  LOOK!

Sneaky snack pocket

I couldn’t believe it.  Just to make sure I started trying out snacks.

Pocket Fuel fits

Looked like there was plenty of room so I thought, why not try more.


Still more room..but running out of snacks.

Yea..I don’t know either.

But then it dawned on me…

Oh yea… Yes that is a Founders breakfast stout.. If you haven’t had one you need to..and no you can’t have this one or the other one that hasn’t been in my crotch.

I think this is the end of this post.  I mean,  where do you go after the beer in the crotch shot?

Back to running tomorrow I promise.

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Trail slang and knowing your Oh S#!t scale…

I know , I know…  I have a potty mouth when it comes to the written word.  I will blame Heather regardless.  I have been on this weird run schedule that has me running twice a week one of them being a longer run than I should be running.  So, to make sure I keep up with bad habits I decided to go run around in a volcano today.  The weekend weather turned out to be great and I wanted to take advantage of it so this morning I thought it would be a really good idea to try and tackle the Vulcan race course.  You know…13 miles in the middle of Pawtuckaway park that also includes a crazy climb.  I haven’t been there since December so I figured I could get over there and do some exploring.  Plus , I really wanted to make my running partner jealous.  She hasn’t been able to run and I thought what better way to make it more unbearable than to go to one of her favorite running places.  I am a jerk. I do know this.

I finally get my ass out the door around 10:45am   I spent about 20  min trying to pack as much stuff into my UD pack.  I really should have taken a picture of what I got into this thing.  It was worth every single penny I paid.  There were a lot of pennies.  I plan on doing a lot of unsupported training runs this summer and this pack won’t even break a sweat, I can tell already.

I arrived at the park and found the parking lot full of snowmobiles and four wheelers.  I had forgotten that they were allowed in the park after the snow falls and also that I would have to start from here. No biggie…just meant that I would be doing Katie’s mile first.  (The trail is called the Wonnoco and is about three miles but I am calling it Katie’s Mile from now on…inside joke).  I saw a few hikers also.  They were all dressed up in big packs, snowshoes, and climbing gear.  I looked down at my running tights..big clown sized blue shoes and weird tiny pack with a butt load of stuff strapped to it and thought “nice job blending in” .  Oh and my awesome bossom bottles.  (Check out the ultimate direction Scott Jurek vest and that will make more sense)

I paid my donation to the park and jumped out into the road that was basically packed down snow from all the snowmobiles and headed in.  I got to the head of the trail and noticed there had been foot traffic so I started off.  A few minutes in I realized I needed my Yaks so I put them on and proceeded along the trail.  This section is usually the last leg of the loop and I figured it would be easier starting on it.  No chance.  It was just as hard at mile one as it is mile ten.  I made it through the trail in about 50 min and got to another main trail and came across a few snomobiles.    I ran that for a bit and then took a left into the shaw trail.  There was lots of foot traffic on the trail so I figured I would be ok up to round pond.

Now let’s talk about the Oh shit scale.  I have hiked for many many years and over that time I have developed what can best be described as an ‘Oh Shit’ scale.  It usually runs from 1-10.  The white mountains can be very dangerous during the winter and a good hiker knows their capability and when they should be turning around.  If you find yourself saying Oh shit! to yourself while on the trail you better stop and re-evaluate how big of a problem you may be in.  The last thing you want to do is panic and start making irrational decisions.  If your oh shit scaled get’s tickled in the slightest you better take a minute to fully understand your situation.  That being said..anytime you are out on a run or hike you should always be at a one or a two on the scale.  The minute you stop paying attention or take things for granted , that is the minute you get hurt or worse.  A little scare goes a long way towards staying alive.

About forty minutes after heading towards round pond I found my self post holing in two feet of snow, feet were soaked and cold.   I was mad, the footprints had dried up and I was breaking trail with nothing but yak traks.  I took my phone out and tried to get an idea of where I was from the GPS.   I couldn’t believe how far I was from round pond still.  What made it worse was I knew that I had blown all my energy.  I kept trudging on.  About ten minutes later I was starting to worry.  The scale started to climb….I had not brought a map and I was making such slow progress.  I kept turning back and staring at the trail.  Should I go back?  It meant another hour of slogging through deep snow.  Did I have the energy?  Was I closer to the road if I kept going on the trail?  Once I made the road what was I going to do?  I had no map and I am very unfamiliar with where the park roads go.  I started talking out loud to myself trying to rationalize any decision I was making.  I was actually scared for the first time in a long time.  I was also angry, I couldn’t believe no one had been on this trail.  It was marked well but it was so deep.  The hills kept getting steeper and as I trudged on I just kept thinking I was making the wrong decision.  I would have to say at that moment I was at about a four or five on the oh shit scale.  I was getting cold, only had one bottle of water left.  As I trudged along I found myself descending a ravine.  GPS showed me closing in on round pond but I knew I had to climb again to get to round pond.  I was demoralized at this point.  I got to the bottom and notice the trail junction up ahead.  As I got closer I saw foot prints and lucky me, broken trail.  The prints went in both directions but I knew the smarter move was to head towards south mtn ASAP.  I sucked down another energy packet and took off.  I felt re-energized , amazing that only five minutes ago I was ready to call Lise for help in guiding me out.  Thank you to whoever decided to stomp down the northern ascent of South Mtn.

I was able to summit, change out my wet socks and eat some more and had a really nice run down the south side.  The trail was well worn and packed with hikers so I made great time getting back to the car.   In retrospect I had everything I needed and eventually I would have made it out of the park but when you are in a bad mood, cold and a bit scared, things get weird.  I can start to understand what happens to some hikers when they get lost in much more remote and dangerous places.  People on the outside can easily judge the decisions of those people but it’s amazing how quickly your judgment gets skewed when you start to worry.  So in summary, if you don’t have an oh shit scale..I suggest you make one…oh and bring a friggin map.

While running today I found the perfect place to put my used gel packets.  Most of my running pants and shorts have a zip pocket in the back right above your butt.  I giggled as I put away my ‘ass trash’….

pictures and stats can be found over at my blogger site….

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Trail nicknames

Heather..AKA PottyMouth.  Has earned another trail name….

  • Fish Stick

     so Im thinking two is my musing and talking about shit and the other is just posts for runs and food intake with just a few quick comments
  • Heather

     Which will be which? Which is which? Which one bitch?
  • Fish Stick

     easy dr. Seuss
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The Doctor says….

It’s Sunday morning.  I’m sitting in the big comfy chair by the window, relaxing with coffee and watching snow fall for the 5 millionth FU*$(& ! time on a weekend.  Oh well – going to run in it anyways.  I don’t think it will make the conditions any worse than my last run. Here are a few random thoughts about stuff that has happened over the past few weeks.

Heather has been a mess, between injuries and now having the plague.  I have to hand it to her though, she is staying as positive as one can be.  Let me clarify that, she is giving the appearance of being positive.  I think secretly she is kicking puppies.  I think the mental challenge is good, adversity will help in the long run of achieving her goals.

Had dinner with my Dad and he asked me why running all of a sudden and why such long runs.  I sat there dumbfounded.  I don’t know the answer to that.  Remember that question because that comes up again later…  I tried to explain that I think I have this weird affinity to suffering over distance, that goal achievement is something I can use to silence the voices in my head that are telling me that I’m an idiot and it’s so much better to be at home drinking a beer on the couch.  My brother has talked a bit about this numbness also.  I don’t know if numb is the right word but “sometimes you just do things”.  (I stole that from Scott Jurek but it is exactly that.)  I wish I could explain it better but that is about how it feels.  I am by no means an elite runner but I think I have something extra that might help me achieve the 100 or at least get the balls to try it.

This past fall gave me a bit of a scare health wise.  My cousin passed away in his sleep at the age of 40.   I also had a professional peer who I’ve worked with pass away suddenly and he was also in his 40’s.  I realized it had been about 2 years since my last physical so I called the doctor and set one up.  Took a few months but finally got to see her.  My doctor is great and she has been Lise and I’s doctor for over 15 years.   I was a bit surprised at some of my vitals…I’ve been super stressed lately and BP was spot on and heart rate resting around 56.   Everything else seemed to be in good order.  She asked me a lot about family history trying to figure out if I should be having other screenings done.  I’ve reached that age where they want to start catching stuff as early as possible.  (Talk about depressing)   We talked about my acid reflux and I mentioned I wanted off the meds but she wants to do this properly.  I was afraid to bring up the Paleo stuff in regards to their thoughts on acid reflux and gut flora etc.  So we compromised.  I am to stay on my meds AND continue to improve my diet.  The two big ones are .. Coffee limited to 1 cup per day and beer 1 per day.    I was asked several times if alcoholism ran in the family.  I was surprised..She asked how often I drank and I said 2 beers a night.   I have a feeling she thought I was lying or let’s say..averaging out .. my intake. I am sure that is pretty common.  I can understand her concern.  Truthfully,  I only have more than 2 once in a great while.  That being said , I know the beer is a cause of acid reflux and if I am going to take this shit seriously I am going to give it 100%.   As a home-brewer this is going to be a bit tough but at least it will save me money!  Hell , 1 keg should last several months.  On a final note from the doctor visit.  (Here is a TMI moment so skip to the next section if you don’t want to read about it….waiting…  Ok. )  So at 40 they start doing more invasive examinations and she was warning me and lubing up her finger in preparation for the assault on my sphincter.  I rolled over on my side and got the “everything looks ok on the outside” and then BAM…  It’s been a while since I had this exam but man it hurt and I had this sudden urge to pee all over the place.  So while she’s examining she says.  “So, why running?”  Do not ever…ever laugh with a finger up your butt.

Paleo Diet update

For those of you who didn’t skip the last section, sorry to jump from butt talk to food.  for those who did skip, sorry for ruining it for you anyways.  The past few weeks have been an interesting adventure in the food realm.  I would say I have been able to keep grains and sugar out of 80% of my diet.  I hate to say it but it does make a difference. The proof was really yesterday.  While in Boston to see the Bruins play Tampa we did our usual routine.  Train to Boston -Get over to the Fours for lunch.  My meal was fried calamari app followed by a “frenchie”  basically a huge burger with fried onion rings – cheese  potato’s and baked beans.  Had a dogfish 60 min IPA followed by a long trail.    Did not have anything at the game.  Followed up the game with dinner at Boston Beer works where I had Bangers and mash with two brown ales.  Yes , I know I went over my beer allowance but I am forgoing any today and doc said two on weekends is fine.   I felt like ass after the meals…slow… lethargic, bleh , and bleh.  Then just tummy troubles the rest of the night.

I also had cheesecake with dinner.

The only thing I am struggling with is feeling hungry all the time but there isn’t a lack of energy, and the sugar cravings never seem to go away.  The acid reflux is going WAY down and I can feel it every time I eat any grains or sugar.  It is really interesting once you pull yourself off some of this stuff , when you do slip and have some you really start to notice what it does to you.   I guess when you saturate yourself in it and you feel that way all the time it’s hard to know how you are really feeling.

This is really just reflections on how food makes me feel and how I react to it.  We are all different, I would suggest that people try different things just to experiment and understand how they react to certain foods.  I don’t want to get preachy, I will never be one of those militant vegans or Paleo or die! folks.  All I would suggest is more veggies.  🙂

I’ll post my run later.

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