Next stop NHL

Did a little snowshoeing this weekend but the storm kept me busy cleaning up snow for a few days.  Trails are no good to run at this point so not much to report on that front.

Been working on my food intake and it’s amazing how insidious sugar really is.  I had some this weekend and the cravings and moodiness that followed on Monday were eye opening.

Had crossfit last night

Did ok, still working on form and not letting the clock dictate how I workout. (You can see me doing the barbell sumo elbow is lower than the other..grrrr)  If I get 3 good reps in then so be it.  Sat around with the group and tried a few new beers, There were samplings of an Imperial IPA, Imperial Stout and a few selections of Magic Hat’s newest series.  Had a rather large dinner of Cod, asparagus and Sweet potato’s….looked at the clock and realized I had to be on the ice in 10 min.  I was convinced I was going to hurl and suffer serious heartburn.  I had managed to keep my food intake to nothing but veggies and protein all day.  No refined carbs.  I know in the past I would never be able to eat as much as I did then go play hockey without being a burping sloppy mess.

I ended up scoring a goal, had an assist and probably playing the best game I have played in a long time.  Not a single stomach issue and I skated hard every shift.  I felt more alert, more in-tuned with what was going on and just being one step ahead of my usual self.    Maybe there is something to this Paleo thing.

Going to explore the trails tonight. I think they are going to be too soft to run but worth exploring anyways.

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