My Cat is licking my head

She thinks I’m filthy..again.

My running partner is broken.  Could be two weeks , could be two months.  What is somewhat amusing is that she hurt herself doing jump squats and not running.   I suggested that once she is back at it that she should back off on the Plyo stuff and maybe just stick with the lifting and running.  Not that she should listen to me since this is probably my fault.  I feel like I should have been slowing her down.

Lesson learned.  Not going to let her run until the hamstring is 100%.

Went running on Sunday.  The trails are a bit tough right now.  Mix of crusty snow and ice.  I should wear spikes but it’s only about 5% of the trail that needs it…but when it’s needed…

I ran sketchy guy  and set my second best time while keeping my heart rate at 142 and lower.  Starting to see some slight improvements. I really won’t know for sure until I can get some consistent trail conditions.  It’s called sketchy guy because the trail runs along the property line of some asshat who likes to intimidate people who use the road that leads to his house and the trail. It’s a town road and the trail is not on his property but he think’s he’s mayor of that part of town.

Decided not to run tonight because of the wind and cold.  It’s getting old…I can deal with the cold but the wind takes everything out of me.

So instead I’ll share some sites I’ve been heavily reading.

Trail runner nation – A lot of great podcasts.

Natural Running Center – I feel like I’m about halfway there of figuring out this running form.  I need to work on it still.  He has some great drills I want to incorporate.

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