I need me a sheep

I noticed my writing lately has been pretty poor.  Trying to be verbose with very little time to write gets messy fast.  I shall try to do bettah.  (I kid)  PottyMouth had a birthday today.  She celebrated by dropping the f-bomb a few times.  Best quote of the day  “Hahaha that’s fucking ironic and disgusting all at once!”

I took delivery of a new running shirt.  Base layer I got from LLBean.  (xmas giftcert)  It was made of Merino wool, first piece of clothing besides socks that I have tried.  It felt really cold old out so I layered up.  Didn’t realize how warm the wool was. I was overheating pretty much from the start.  I ran sketchy again. I was struggling with getting my run apps working.  It wasn’t until about one mile in that I noticed that I had not turned the volume on the phone up.  (I like to have it reporting my heart rate every 30 seconds so I can stay at 140ish)  So – it was a mess.

I had been in a pretty shitty mood and it took a lot of will power to get out the door.  I’m glad I did, once I started running I felt great and was just happy to be out in the dark and in the woods.  Once again should have brought the yaks.

It was over pretty fast..could have run all night but it’s been several days again so I gave it a rest for the night.  I’ll run some more tomorrow and maybe put in a long run on Sunday.  Going to be cold all week again.

Been somewhat Paleo for the past couple of days.  I won’t lie..still having beer.  Other than that I have been 100% sugar and grain free.  I told Lise that instead of the ups and downs I usually have I have just been down and a miserable ass the past few days.  That’s why I stole her beer.

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One thought on “I need me a sheep

  1. sharpee

    The cavemen I knew drank beer, so you’re still paleo!

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