It’s not for a lack of trying at this point.

This weather…grrrr.

Tuesday is usually my crazy night.  Crossfit followed by two hours of hockey.  Sadly I also had to be up at 3:30am on tuesday to get to Boston for work.  I couldn’t get any good sleep in the night before and I tried to nap when I got home but didn’t help much.  I still managed to get to crossfit but missed out on hockey again… I have to stop wimping out.

4 Rounds

Snatch x 12/12
Split Squat x 12/12
Deadlifts (75% BW) x 12
Push Press x 12/12
Hand to Hand Swings x 24

Horrible form on my part...

Horrible form on my part…

took my time during the whole session and found lots of imbalance in my body.  It is really amazing what you discover when you listen to the body.  I suffer from a grade 2 shoulder separation and a torn left quad in my thigh.  Left side of my body is a mess.  Past few months I have been going to a Chiropractor to improve my posture and I ended up recently getting a new doctor.  Tyler actually has done a lot the last 6 weeks in helping me strengthen my shoulder and help with some of my imbalance.  My lower right back was a mess from compensating from my weak left side and I’ve been doing lots of rotator cuff exercises and starting to feel better. I;ve been going to a chiropractor off and on for years and never really made much ground.  The key to it being effective is all in making sure you strengthen the muscles to keep your shit in place.  Most of the people I see going don’t seem to be working on much.  Chiro work is only a temp fix..if you don’t do the work outside of adjustments it’s just a lousy band aide.  Took me awhile to figure this out.

So wednesday I was planning on running but it started raining pretty hard and I don’t have good rain gear.  I also didn’t want to muck up the trails.  They were probably pretty wet from all the melting snow.  Today- came the wind.  Work was a mess – computers kept rebooting..we had sites bouncing up and down all day.  Then this afternoon Keene took a power hit and a piece of our equipment didn’t come back online.  Ended up having to make the two hour drive out there to replace the  equipment.  Finally got home around 7 so called it a night.  (or calling it a night?)  There’s always tomorrow.   Bruins are on, I stole my wife’s beer.  She’s out with friends..although I think I just heard her pull in…better hide the beer….


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