I’m not making this up…

I injured myself last night.  I know I did all this bragging about “going out and running in stupid cold weather” .  After dealing with my septic in the afternoon – I decided that it was just too cold.  The wind was whipping and wind chills were about -15.  At 40, I’m thinking I just have a better sense of what is useless bravado and what is challenging.  I also have learned over the years it’s ok to admit failure.  So I didn’t run.  I figured another night off would be fine for the knee.  I needed to give Steve a ride home from the local garage and he convinced me to come in and try out Throwback Brewery’s “Afraid of the Dark” series latest release.  It is a milk coffee stout.   It was amazing!  Paid for it later since I am lactose intolerant but yea TMI….sorry.

Check out Throwback.  The two women who run it are fantastic and they make great beer using all locally sourced ingredients.

Yep- I was a lazy bastard last night.  Sat around watching a DropKick Murphy’s concert on TV and then headed to bed.  You’re probably saying  ‘I thought you got injured?’  About 4am I sort of woke up and started stretching, no idea why but as I was pointing my toes and pulling I started to get a sharp pain in my calves…I tried to stop but it was too late, I felt my calf muscle lock up.  I lay there wide awake wanting to scream.  I knew if I did, Lise would wake up and start punching me or try to muffle my screams by placing her pillow into my mouth.  I tried to relax, started breathing deep, thinking of something pleasant and slowly the pain went away but I could tell I may have tweaked it.  I got up to put a log on the fire and yep , right calf is a mess.

Who the hell injures themselves sleeping?!?!?  This guy…

Going to Boston again tonight to see the Bruins play the Islanders.  Tomorrow is Laundry (laundromat for 3 months ahhhhhh) hopefully they have wifi and I can write all morning.  Farmers market, light run, then Burns night out.  I might write about the night of haggis and scotch filled messiness , we shall see.

Sunday more running-  work dinner that evening.

I was looking at the weather for next week and we have a heat wave coming in.  38 on tuesday?!

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4 thoughts on “I’m not making this up…

  1. mutable67

    Hey! i have a *specific* set of reasons to smother you with a pillow, injury isn’t one! Ugh, calf injuries are perplexing, I tweaked mine trotting up the hill out back last summer. Just when you think it’s better…tweak!

  2. Charlie Horses in the calf are pretty common for me when ramping up mileage. They are not fun. :-/

  3. “Convinced”?? It was more like – Me: “Hey you want a beer? .01 seconds later You: “Sure!”

    • Fishstick

      Hey , I’m the author here. I get certain liberties with my recollection of events….

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