Test Day

I had no plans in regards to running today.  I got about 8 hours of sleep and got up and didn’t do much.  Steve checked in about a run and I said we could run some local stuff but he ended up having to cancel.  I had plans to drive out to swains lake and look for trails up in that area but before I knew it , it was well past noon.  I had eaten breakfast around 10.  I had 3 eggs, half an avocado and chunks of smoked salmon and parsley.  I was just on the verge of getting hungry.  I didn’t know what to do so I just decided to run from the house.  It was in the low 40’s and I wanted to get out there before it cooled down.

I spent the next 20 min trying to figure out my pack and food.   This thing is like the Tardis.  I kept putting shit in it and it didn’t get any bigger.  Managed 2 packs of ‘fruit puree’ , Lara bar, mini-mag, extra socks, extra hat, batteries,license,arm warmers, wind jacket, cell phone, 2X20oz bottles of water.  I would say the pack was at maybe 50%-60% capacity.  It didn’t look any bigger either except for my winter running jacket jammed under the webbing.

Lise said I looked like a burglar.  This is a problem.  PM is going to end up throwing me in the back of the cruiser out of habit.

I have an entire set of silver and 3 tv's in that pack...

I have an entire set of silver and 3 tv’s in that pack…

I also decided to pass on the solomons and went with the P2’s.  didn’t even bring the Yak’s.   Got out and headed for Beauty Hill and run was a bit uneventful.  Weather was nice.  I got to the dirt road and noticed my cell phone was bouncing in the cell phone pocket.  I have an ANT+ adapter on the phone and I can’t close the velcro.  I also noticed that runkeeper wasn’t announcing my heart rate.  I had to restart bitchface and threw the first mile out. Once I had it set up I tried moving the phone to a new spot.  I realized I could slip it in next to one of the water bottles and it fit great.  The speakers were pointed right at me so it was a win win.  So -…about that testing…

First Item – The running vest.

Pro’s-  Very comfortable- unbelievably comfortable.  It fits like a glove.  The amount of storage and options rivals your typical BMW .  I’m impressed.


The noise doesn’t bother me.  I hardly heard it but I think Potty Mouth is going to be giving me shit ..or kill me.

cold nipples,  THere was no irritation this time but I can see this being a problem in the summer.  Those bottles sit right over your chest. I can see why women are shying away from these vests.  Some are suggesting angling the bottles around the boobs.  Not having boobs , I can not confirm nor deny this works.  I’ll make my wife wear it around and see what she thinks.

Second test – Long distance at low heart rate.

Have to read this article–   I wanted to keep my heart rate low and see how far I could go today and try to keep a mental note of my hunger.  I was shooting for about a 140 avg (after reading the article this still might be too high)  Runkeeper has a different 75% range than the article so who knows.  Might be basing it off a 220 scale.  I took my time and kept running and running and running.  I got up to swains lake and decided to explore a little bit.  Found the town forest and a bunch of small nature trails.  At mile 6 still felt great so kept running.  I finally got to a point where I knew I was going to be stuck at a major road.

It was about 1.5 hour in at this point and starting to feel hungry, legs were a little tired so I sucked down some ‘fruit puree’ and turned back at about the 8 mile mark.  The trip home felt great.  Felt strong, ran into some ladies out cross country skiing.  It’s always awkward coming up behind people on the trail.  I yelled about 20 yards from them ..and still startled them.  I should have used my cool new whistle that was on my vest.  They turned around to see the cat burglar running down the trail.  I slowed down and asked them if they had any silver candlesticks I could steal.   After one of their dogs started freaking out at me I decided it was best to run away screaming.    I try to leave a lasting impression on everyone I meet.  Mission accomplished.


I have a very limited choice when it comes to trail food.  Everything gives me heartburn so I am limited to gels and dates and so far ‘fruit puree’  For some reason when I left the house I grabbed a chocolate covered cookie dough lara bar…NO Idea why.  It’s like all my heartburn triggers packed into one bar.  I’m an idiot.  I was about one mile from the house but I knew I had to take the dog for his two mile run.  I opened the lara bar and it was frozen.  I didn’t have it in my snack pocket to keep it warm.  (Snack pocket is code for crotch..another story for another time)  I took a small bite and decided to let it melt and thaw in my cheek.  As it melted and softened I let it slowly fall apart. I noticed that my body was not reacting like it usually does. No burning, burping.. I took another bite…and repeat.  Took me an entire mile to eat this thing and I only had some minor tingling … this is very exciting…

Got home. leashed up the monster and went for a few more miles and got home and rolled out.  I felt great..could have kept going.  Runkeeper miles were off.

Here is the strava entry


Tomorrow snowshoe and then at least 5.5 miles with PottyMouth.  It’s been awhile since I’ve run with her so should be fun.  I’m going to make her wear the heart monitor.  I told her I would clean it but I’m not going to.

Forgot wanted to add some photos:

beaver dam I used to cross the water hazard on the trail

beaver dam I used to cross the water hazard on the trail

there is a trail here I swear

there is a trail here I swear




Barrington Town forest

Barrington Town forest

Had to find a way around the water

Had to find a way around the water

The P2's worked great. Got wet but feet were warm

The P2’s worked great. Got wet but feet were warm

Uh Yea ..no

Uh Yea ..no

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11 thoughts on “Test Day

  1. spottedimages

    My favorite is the burglar picture. If I found you out in the middle of the night looking like that you would be going to jail.

  2. sharpee

    I give it a few more weeks before you either get tazed by the cops, or pepper sprayed by some startled old lady!

  3. spottedimages

    I didn’t even consider the old ladies!!! They may beat the crap out of him. He’s kind of a wimp.

  4. Fishstick

    With friends like you two….

  5. Fish in Heather in 50 years!

  6. I lol’ed at the “snack pocket” and the burglar reference. I usually wear all black and feel like a ninja running through the woods, minus my bright green Cascadias. I’m interested in how that pack would work out for women? If certain “things” might get in the way of the bottles? Also, I brought a clif bar on my last long run which froze pretty quickly, hate when that happens!

  7. spottedimages

    Danielle – from person experience, the snack packet works for us ladies too! Hahaha, my pouch of fuel did tend to slip down though 🙂

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