I’ll be in my room if you need me….

So today was a rest day.  It was cold.  I was not brave.  I am a wimp.

So let’s discuss yesterday’s knee pain.  I had none today.  I did get up and felt a little bit of stiffness in the area but overall nothing bad.  I forgot about an injury I got about 10 years ago that may contribute to my knee issues on occasion.  I have a partially torn quad and I think my knee isn’t supported in the way it should.  I took a picture…

Any excuse to post a picture of myself in my underwear.

Any excuse to post a picture of myself in my underwear.

As you can see my left knee rides out to the left.  It’s a mess, but a known mess.  I’m still on the fence about returning the shoes.  I actually could return them for a full refund but I am going to give them one more run.

On to my other vice.  My new running vest showed up today.  I can’t give it a proper review for a few reasons.

1.  I haven’t run it it yet.




3.  See #2

I can give you my first impression though.  First thing I noticed was that it looks and feels like it’s made out of snake skin that has been shed sewn to a fishing net.  Looks about the same too.  The size is amazingly small.  I think it weighs like 7.5 oz without water in the bottles…that’s insane.  I put the vest on and right away I was blown away.  IT’S SO SMALL!  Everything sits really high and form fitted.  It’s literally a vest with pockets in it.  The bottles sit high on your chest.  You can’t help but grab them.  I felt like I had boobs.  Yep…I said it and said it over an over.  It was rather pleasing.

Out of the box

Out of the box

So small!  But expands

So small! But expands

Overall quality looks great.  The only gripes right off.  ‘smart phone’ pockets  don’t really fit an iphone.   I can’t imagine Potty Mouth getting her phone in any of the front pockets.  I was able to sort of squeeze the iphone in but wasn’t convenient.  That being said, I think on some shorter runs I would only carry one bottle and stuff the phone in the other bottle carrier.  We’ll see.  I’ll do a full write up in a week.

I did fill the water bottles with water to feel the weight and again amazed that it made NO difference in the feel of the vest.  Only thing was that my nipples noticed the cold water….just sayin…


That’s all for now.

PottyMouths‘  Instant message of the day:

“Slept like a fucking baby!”

I’m telling ya…they don’t make enough soap for this one…

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6 thoughts on “I’ll be in my room if you need me….

  1. sharpee

    So, if you are writing blog post at 10:30 you aren’t getting your proper sleep, therefore you owe Burpees!

  2. spottedimages

    You are mean.

  3. spottedimages

    I was sleeping sharpee… ALL DAY! Midnights are grand.

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