Tick Tock

Grrrrr.  Really feel that is the only thing to describe tonight.  I have a lot I want to write about but I want this to be somewhat organized.

The Run-

Earlier in the day , Heather  went for a run and the weather was looking great.  I told her to take lots of pictures and sure enough she put in a great 4.6 mile run.  I was so going to call her out on her ‘polite posts’ but truck driver language in texting but she beat me too it.  I think she is on to me… By the time I got home the weather had turned a bit nasty.  The cold front had come through and winds were picking up and the temp was dropping fast.  I stood in the kitchen looking at my wife saying “I want to do this right…I want to go run….”  I looked and felt exhausted. Amazingly it took one word to make me move towards my running gear.


“Dammit” was all I could reply.  I want it.  It’s what I dream about at night.  It’s what I told the world I was going to do.  I got dressed.  Lise pointed at the clothes around the wood stove and said “Welcome to Tony’s sports museum”  I looked and she was right AND giving me shit.  What I love about her…

My sport museum..It's a new collection every day....

My sport museum..It’s a new collection every day….

I got dressed and mentioned that I my running pants might not be warm enough and she busted out her winter North Face running pants.  They fit well enough for me to run in..A little loose in the hips and tight in the waist and a wee bit short but damn they were warm.  Most of my running friends are used to seeing me in woman’s clothing anyways.  Story for another day.

I headed out and jumped down into the pit.  The wind blasted me in the face.  I grunted and yelled while post holing until I got to the snowmobile tracks.  I hustled along the pit and started to warm up fast.  It was just about this time the pain started.  I am very familiar with it and has become a regular thing with my new running shoes.  I am very bummed about this.  I just spent a fortune on these shoes and was hoping it was just a small adjustment period but it has been almost 3 months and consecutive runs are becoming impossible.  The Yak traxs were helping but not tonight.  I decided to just try sketchy and I think I put in my worst performance up to the half way point that I have run all year.  As I was walking up turnaround hill I was getting pissy.  I had been trying different changes to my cadence trying to get rid of the pain and I noticed just before I started walking that if I ran with my knees coming up higher and really exaggerated my stride the pain disappeared.  When I got to the top of the hill I just punched it.  Ran fast , I couldn’t run my usual cadence of 180 footfalls so I shut off the metronome and just ran.  I was pissed.  I was running my worst time ever..the footing sucked and my knee was hurting and my expensive shoes were a waste of money .  I ran hard…Runkeeper kept yelling at me about my heartrate being too high ..I think I peaked at 158 which is the highest yet.  I ran 7’s and 8’s the rest of sketchy in hopes of salvaging something out of the run.    I felt good for those few miles but when I got through the end of sketchy my knee started throbbing.  Nothing was making the pain go away. I ended up walking the last .5 mile.

Here is the run on strava.   I ended up setting a pr on my 400m and 1k times.  Guess it wasn’t all bad right?

Weight and Food:

I was a little underweight today so I took in about 900 calories for breakfast.  Pigged out at lunch  (not sure how many calories I took in but it was a lot.)  and dinner was Steak and salad.  Still not sure it was enough but we’ll see.

Tomorrow’s plan is to try running in my regular trail shoes and see if my knee bugs me.   I have some thicker socks I can wear and hopefully won’t get too cold.  If I do I’ll just turn around.  I’ve already started shopping the saucony site.  I might wait until next winter. There is really only about 6 weeks left of really snowy runs left ..if that.  Have to deal with mud after that but I think my regular shoes should be fine…I hope.

And Finally..

My new running pack won’t make it here by tomorrow.  I am bummed. waaaahhhh  (I know poor me)

I’ll leave you with this gem….



See..I told you.

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3 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. spottedimages

    Hahahaha excellent! Not your pain and terrible run but the resurrection of my texting 🙂

  2. Potty mouth ^ . I love my Saucony Excursion TR 5, wish they still made them.

  3. Women’s clothing? Oh wait, this post was about the shoes….good luck! 🙂

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