January Thaw sucks…

I have done nothing..I repeat NOTHING in regards to running the past two days and it’s bugging me.  I thought the snow would be too soft to go tonight.  I walked outside later in the evening only to realize there isn’t any snow left.  I’m a dummy.

Shitty TV is on…Lousy cackling hens of Beverly Hills and their over processed husbands.  (Seriously, the corpses in LA will not rot….ever)

NOTHING TO REPORT…I’ve even been failing at keeping up my food intake on my fitness pal.  MUST get better at it.   I am enjoying the entry process on here though.  I don’t see a problem keeping up with the reporting.

Some updates.  Weight is still holding well , My weight swings up and down about 2 lbs every few days depending on how hard my runs are but keeping pretty good track of it.

Officially signed up for the Bear Brook Trail Marathon.  Going to be signing up for the Holy Grail 5K.  Pineland should be opening very soon. Vermont 50 sign up opens in May.  Vulcan Fury opened up VERY early and got in on that one.  (13 mile race at Pawtuckaway)

Talking with Potty Mouth and we need to start our 25K training by the last week of February.  If you have been following her blog.  WHICH YOU SHOULD!  You know her schedule is screwy.  I can see why she swears like a truck driver all the time, I probably would too.  We’ll do fine , I have no doubt.  Pineland is on my birthday so it should be a good time.  I might try to stay up in Freeport and bring ozzy with us since it’s all outdoors.  Of course it could rain all weekend and Lise will put a pillow over my head in my sleep..but who could blame her.

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