Object Avoidance Training

I have been exhausted all week due to a crazy work schedule.  I was determined to run yesterday.  My small jack russell terrorist has been cooped up all winter and I could tell from the look in his eyes that he needed to run.  He’s 13 but still can run 2 miles without even panting.  It’s crazy.  So I geared up and headed out.  We had to post hole to the pit and get to the 2 mile loop I was going to run him on and he was not happy.  We busted out of the snow after 8 minutes of torture and he took off. Problem with a jack is that they smell ..every ..single..thing..on the trail.  So RUNRUNRUNRUN STOOOOOP!! sniff sniff RUNRUNRUNRUN stop sniff sniff.  Most of the stopping happens right in front of me.  So basically if you were to see us running or hear us all you would see is me jumping over a small terrier and screaming “Jesus Christ Ozzy?! Stop it!”  runrunrun  “SHIT,,look out!” GO runrunrun..  That for 2 miles…  Keeps me nimble on my feet that’s for sure.  I ended up going for a longer run after dropping him back off at the house.  It was pretty warm and I was busting into the trail a bit but it was still very runnable.  Looking forward to exploring the trails Saturday.  Would like to see how far they go towards Stone Pond here in town.

Not only is he a good runner , but he has good taste in beer also.

Not only is he a good runner , but he has good taste in beer also.

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