Metronomes and heartbeats oh my..

I got my heart rate monitor in.  I ended up getting an ANT + monitor version due to having an older iphone.  So I tried it out briefly this afternoon.  My resting heart rate seems to be in the 50’s.  It seemed to get stuck a few times , I think that had to do with not enough moisture on the sensors.    Took two seconds to set it up on runkeeper and on strava.  Only issue seems to be that only one app can pull the info so I have to decide on runkeeper or strava.  Since I have not signed up for strava premium (yet) I’ll just use it on runkeeper.  Besides –  Have you heard the voice on’s really messed up..It’s a cross between this guy:



And this thing:




Go ahead…turn on the voice on strava.. just know you have been warned.

Anywho.. I got home from work and ran around trying to find all my running gear.  I got two new north face pullovers this week so I was excited to try them out.  The base layer is part of their flashdry system and the outer layer is microfleece.  I put on the heart monitor..dressed up and fired up the five million apps I have running and headed out.  I did a few leg kicks for warmup but figured posthole walking in the snow for the first half mile would warm me up the rest of the way.  I got to the trail and the tracks were nice and packed down. I didn’t bother wearing the yaktracks..just speedcross and gaiters.  I took off and had the metronome clicking away at 180 and it took awhile to get my feet lined up.  I had run keeper reading of distance and current hear rate and current hearrate zone.  Must have pulled the zone from my stats.  I should make sure they are right. I tend to fib on them.  Just as I was entering the sketchy guy run my heart rate was reported at 140  I was surprised at how low it was.  About mid-way through the run I felt like the strap on the monitor was a little loose but it wasn’t really moving.  I’ll tighten before next run.  You want it tight, just on the edge of uncomfortable I think.   Half-way through the run my heart rate still seemed low so I decided to push it the last half of the sketchy guy run.  I figured I would be able to get at least a second best time.  I got cruising on the road and the last section I just felt fast.  Once I was off the segment I slowed a bit and cooled down the last section of the run.  My legs felt heavy the entire run..didn’t feel like I had any power and I am pretty sure that’s from lack of sleep past few days.  Potty Mouth suffers from the same thing on her crazy schedule.  According to Strava I set 7 PR’s and set a new Course record.  Not bad eh?

Another early morning, possible run with Heather after work.

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