I want to start off by saying I am sorry to my four readers for yesterdays profanity laced rant.  I am ashamed of my foul language and upon reflection feel it was immature and amateur at best.  I think I know why I behaved this way and since I am stuck in a hotel in Keene I figured I would take the time to introduce a few characters in the story.

The first and most important is my wife.  Without her support I would never be able to accomplish this insane task.  Her passion is hockey in all forms.  I play with her once a week in a co-ed pick up game where she often calls me ‘princess’ while sitting on the bench.  I play defense and she usually plays wing.  On the rare occasion we play on opposite teams I try to watch out ..she’s good at slashing my skates up.


Here she is in a tournament she played in last year.

You’ll probably see more of the wife showing up in posts.  She wants to start running again. We completed the seacoast run series last year and having matching jackets.  She is not as into it as I am but she noticed improvements to her game while running.

Next up is my running partner.  This individual wanted to start hiking the 4k mountains in NH last year , as a way to get in shape I suggested she take up running.  We have yet to hike anything over 1800′ but we somehow have run in 16 races and plan on finishing this summer with a 50K race in Vermont.  One distinguishing characteristic of my running partner is she has the mouth of a sailor.  I don’t think we have been on a run or a race where she hasn’t caused grown men to turn red and mom’s to cover their child’s ears and run away.  Just the other day we climbed Mt. Major and while we stopped at the top to take in the amazing view, Potty Mouth broke the serene silence with “Holy Sh*T look at that F*#*) view, it’s F&*$in  awesome!”

"Hey ! I only dropped one F-Bomb in front of the kids today!  Kudos to me"

“Hey ! I only dropped one F-Bomb in front of the kids today! Kudos to me”

Potty Mouths other fun trait is she is a gear whore, much like myself.  We are the worst enablers..my wallet weeps..daily.

If you want to follow Potty Mouths adventures feel free to check out her blog at Learning to Run.

Another important character in this story is Steve, my strength, nutrition coach and overall harasser.  He is going to hopefully guide me and shame me into shape this year.  We were teammates as part of the Vermont 50 relay last year so he understands what I’ll need to do to be ready,  he does not understand the why part though.  I am still trying to understand myself.

Steve beating Heather in a snowshoe 100 yard dash

Steve beating Heather in a snowshoe 100 yard dash

There are plenty of more in the story and I’ll introduce them as they show up.  I figured I would start with these folks , plus I have to get my ass to work.  I mean butt…see!  It’s not me..it’s potty mouth’s fault.


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