Seriously What the F*#@(&&(#$&$#@!

Work sucked all the life out of me today.  Live to to live.  After this weekends amazing outdoor adventures today was like being punched in the face with a brick.  The morning started off nice enough where I was day dreaming about running tonight after work in the warmer air.  By the end of the night I found myself sitting through an hour half meeting with the selectman from a local town waiting for my turn to answer questions about playing baseball on the town field.  Needless to say after the hour and half of listening to them talk about the town budget they called me up.  After 3 minutes of questions they tabled the discussion until they could figure out how much they should be charging us to use the field.  Thanks..thanks a fucking lot for wasting my time.   This is the perfect example of a town micromanaging shit.  The rec department should be in charge of it and the selectman should be discussing with the rec dept how they come up with the cost for charging for the field use.  Sorry….I’m on a tangent.   The only thing more inefficient than the US govt is your local town government.  I highly recommend going to a town meeting sometime.  It’s amusing.

Anyways..I ate like shit today.  Didn’t get to run..hell I didn’t get to do anything except run from meeting to meeting.  Tomorrow I have to get to Keene to pick up a key card and then wait around until 10:15pm to do 15 min of work.  Then decide if I’m too tired to drive home or not.  Get to do it again Thursday morning at 5:30am.  Then again Sunday morning at 6am.


On a positive note my heart rate monitor comes in tomorrow.  Maybe I can wear it around to keep myself calm cool and collected.


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One thought on “Seriously What the F*#@(&&(#$&$#@!

  1. spottedimages

    Nice job on this title!
    Work blows huh? Why can’t we be independently wealthy and just run around like fools for a living?

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