The Day after the 5th day…..

Ok..think of the title as a small step forward. By the end of this blog my titles will be worthy of the Smithsonian.

I guess the biggest thing that hit me today was my need to standardize on a set of training tools and leave it at that. I’ll be using runkeeper for live tracking and strava for motivation and effort. I’ve decided to do some food tracking using myfitness pal. The scanner works well and I have a friend who is tracking too so be fun to compare. Already learned from spying on her food that a local grocery carries Ezekiel bread.

I’m going to stick with WordPress for the blog, I had thought about doing a google Page but there is something more robust in regards to this process using wordpress. That should do it in regards to tools.

Today we were scheduled to meet at Kingman Farm for a little snowshoeing. I decided to go early and put in a little running before the group arrived. It was a slightly chilly start but I warmed up fast. It was a great run and the trails were packed down pretty well.

Here is the run on strava

I met up with the group and we did another 3 miles of snowshoeing. It was a great time and I got some great shots of the group. After getting done I headed over to a friends house who was brewing today . I got there pretty late so I brought some food , chatted for a few hours and headed home.

I’m feeling it in the legs. But not too bad. I hope to get up in the morning and do some dynamic warm up to get the muscles warmed up and healing. Work is going to suck for the next few weeks so I am going to do my best to keep stress levels to a minimum.

I invested in a heart monitor for two reasons. I’m a gear whore, and second I’m a really big gear whore . Should have it tuesday.

Some shots from today.


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