Day 5

You would think I would have come up with a better naming scheme by now.  I mean it’s been five days right?

Today was our planned run/hike of Mount Major . Started the morning with some coffee, 3 eggs, avocado, salmon, parsley, a cup of my green drink.  Felt good, got warmed up waiting for the crew to show up.

Weather was low 30’s but a strong wind.  Got to the base of mount major and we started freezing our asses off.  We all had our speedcross 3 running shoes with yak trax and looked like uberdork’s .  Bill went all New Hampshire legit on us by making his own gaiters out of old wool socks.  He was off the hook for looking like a dork.  Heather wins the award for matchng top and sneakers.  I need to create a new award the needs to be worn and earned every run for the overachiever.

We bundled heavily and thought we were going to be stripping down in no time , surprisingly only thing that changed out all day were gloves.  We took the northern trail and it imeddiately headed up so we did the first .5 mile or so at a quick hiking pace.  After continuing west on the brook trail it flattened out a bit and we started off at a nice running pace for a bit.   There were several water crossings and things got steep as we got near the top.   The wind was relentless and I was cool for most of the trip.  We broke out of the trees and got our first view of the lake.


We took a few pictures and shuffled quickly to the summit.  I was keeping an eye out for the beaver brook trail but we were never able to find it on the way up.  Pretty sure no one has travelled it yet.  We found it on our way back or at least what we thought was it and there were no tracks so we figured it was safest to head back down the way we came up.  When we go to the top the wind chill was too much for me to take pictures and we dove into the old house that was built up there and found a few other hikers taking shelter in there also.  We had a good time chatting and eating our snacks.  I think the folks in there were a bit disturbed as we kept joking about how we were going to leave Bill’s body up on the mountain because he came less prepared than Heather.  Actually, The only hiker more prepared than Heather was the guy carrying a 60lb pack.  I think she was pissed that he had more gear than her.


Bill trying to convince us he was worth saving.

Someone just ate her baby food!

Someone just ate her baby food!

Amazing Day, clear, but very windy.

Amazing Day, clear, but very windy.

We headed out a little cold so we started off at a brisk trot.  Heather started to take off as she learned the joys of running downhill in the snow.  Something really fun about it.  We took a few breaks, mostly to make Heather and Meggan laugh in hopes of making their bladders explode.  Trail conditions were fantastic and the sneakers and Yak’s were great.

major trail

We got to the parking lot and took a few post run shots and headed off to Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee.  We decided to stop at Johnsons for food after we found Bill in the car trying to eat the steering wheel.

Great day .  I was thinking of another short run but decided to sit on my butt.  Tomorrow is snowshoeing.  Legs feel great, ready to go for more.

Run stats

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2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Man, I wish I could have the pleasure of running in places like that all the time!

    • Fishstick

      I’ve lived here all my life and this is the first winter I’ve actually tried running through the season. I do count myself very lucky. 🙂 Wish I had figured this out sooner. Good for you on going for it early in life, wish you luck on your adventure!

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