Day 3

Got a little more sleep.  Feeling pretty good.  Up at 6, breakfast of 2 eggs scrambled with cilantro, and some cheese.  Cup of coffee and 8 oz of the green stuff.  Made lunch , salad with ham from last night and green beans.  Dates and yogurt for snacks.

It was cold last night and the muscles were tensed up.  My calf cramped up in my sleep.  Failed to warm up and stretch for second day in a row.  My wrist and shoulder are killing me and legs are not good at moment.  If i run tonight I am going to be layering up on the legs to keep them warm.

Notable events so far today:  Signed up for the Vulcan Fury and the Bear Brook Marathon.  Can’t wait for Pineland , The Beast and Vermont to open so I can have all that squared away.  Going to need to get hotel set for Vermont also.

Nothing tonight..Went to run errands after work.  Got a new scale.  Lise suggested to make sure we are keeping good eye on my weight.

Dinner was sushi-  rice-salmon-avocado- carrots -scallions

mAde some extra rice balls to try as a snack.  Have a sore throat..hoping it’s just from the cold dry air and not from working in a cold office for two days.  I gargled salt, ate zicam, nasal flush and now sucking on a throat lozenge and pounding water.  GO AWAY.

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