Goal Setting

Today is Jan 1st 2013 and there are approximately 5343213498102384123044 resolutions made today and about 1% of them will be kept.  I am sure there are just as many blogs being created today to track these same resolutions and will be abandoned pretty fast. I only have one goal/resolution.

I want a belt buckle.

I know I have it in me to complete it.  I think over the last few weeks that I learned that I can overcome hurdles that get in the way.  I need to make some changes though.  First is my food intake.  I watched Hungry for Change today and it re-enforced a lot of what I have been following and believing about diets lately.


I have also been reading Eat&Run and been finding inspiration and purpose in that book.  I am going to be eating more often and more veggies throughout the day.  Proteins I will need to work on , I am not cutting out meat but I am going to keep the servings to a small amount.  If I can’t understand the ingredient on the label , I don’t want it.  Frozen veggies, fruits, local yogurts, local foods as much as I can.  Wine only from NH and beer will either be made at home or from a local brewery.  Consumption of beer and wine will be reduced also but not eliminated.  I’ve discovered the magic of seasoned specialty salts and fortunate enough to have the Salt Cellar in Portsmouth.  Instead of loading dishes up with butter I have found ways to make things taste great but using special finishing salts.

I need to monitor my weight.  My running is going to be going up as well as weight lifting.  Going to try and get into some daily routines regardless of daily work out.  Hoping to roll and warmup and stretch each morning.  Maybe even a short trail run out the back.  Need to snowshoe that before I can run it though.  I’ll get to it this week.

Basically this blog is to track changes and weight and just the attempt to getting to 100 miles, and my damn belt buckle.






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