Day 2

Got to bed late so looking at stats so far:

Sleep 6.5 hours  (solid , did not wake at all)

Food intake-

Coffee – Took two attempts..first cup I poured my green drink into it thinking it was milk…Ouch.

4oz of the green stuff.  This is what I picked up..It’s really tasty but like I said..I bet I could make it much cheaper.

1/2 cup rolled oats with 1/4 apple and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup

Not bad so far.  Made salads and brought pistachios, carrots and Celery to munch on all day today.   I’m really tired this morning so I’m going to get more coffee.  Weather is looking really cold so I am going to get a run in as soon as I get home.  Think I will try Sketchy Guy run for now.

I guess I should finish this day off.  I think I’ll hold off on publishing until I have completed the day next time.

I left work early because I couldn’t take the cold home and it was just as cold.  It was getting hard to get motivated to go for a run.  Lise got home and I jumped in the shower and turned the water up hot and got the blood flowing.  I got dressed up in 4 layers.  Base, base, base jacket and second jacket, neck warmer, balaclava and hat, gloves, regular running pants , Speedcross 3 and yaks….I was over dressed up top but legs could have used a little more.  I ran out the back and had to post hole the first quarter mile until I got to the snowmobile tracks.  I was running into the wind and kept my face mask up trying to get air into my lungs.  It was difficult but I felt better by the time I hit a mile.  I was spacing out along the way hitting most of the hills when I noticed I was at the loop pretty fast.  I decided to push it knowing I had a chance to CR Sketchy guy.  The only issue I had was my legs were really tight and felt like I was going to pull a muscle at any moment.  I also turned on the metronome.  I have been running way to slow of a cadence.. It was good to get my feet moving fast again but my lungs were not ready for it.  I pushed and hit my CR on sketchy and set a new 5k time.

Had some ham , green beans , salad for dinner.  Been doing wok on the computer all night and about ready to call it.  Going to go read and try to get some more sleep.

See you tomorrow…



Feeling: tired

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