Day 1 is in the books

After watching the movie I decided to go food shopping instead of running.  My head was killing me, only had 5 hours of sleep and figured getting good food for the rest of the week was probably more important than the few poor miles I would have put in.  Bought lots of green stuff.

Lunch was greens- almonds, olives, marinated garlic, hot peppers, smoked salmon, chia seeds and the last of the green beans I made the other night.

Dinner was similar but added some cheddar cheese and no green beans.  chopped up the last of the veggies from the christmas party and added some parsley also.  Had a gulp of this nature juice I got that is really good.  I think I am going to invest in a vitamix blender.  Probably a refurb one.  The drink I bought was pricey and I have half the ingredients in it.  I figure on days we do runs from here Heather can juice up a bunch of stuff with it too.

Played 80 minutes of hockey..scored a goal.  Was a fun slower paced skate but I am exhausted and want to get up early to get started on my new routines.

Fresh snow run from late Dec 2012

Fresh snow run from late Dec 2012

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