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It’s not for a lack of trying at this point.

This weather…grrrr.

Tuesday is usually my crazy night.  Crossfit followed by two hours of hockey.  Sadly I also had to be up at 3:30am on tuesday to get to Boston for work.  I couldn’t get any good sleep in the night before and I tried to nap when I got home but didn’t help much.  I still managed to get to crossfit but missed out on hockey again… I have to stop wimping out.

4 Rounds

Snatch x 12/12
Split Squat x 12/12
Deadlifts (75% BW) x 12
Push Press x 12/12
Hand to Hand Swings x 24

Horrible form on my part...

Horrible form on my part…

took my time during the whole session and found lots of imbalance in my body.  It is really amazing what you discover when you listen to the body.  I suffer from a grade 2 shoulder separation and a torn left quad in my thigh.  Left side of my body is a mess.  Past few months I have been going to a Chiropractor to improve my posture and I ended up recently getting a new doctor.  Tyler actually has done a lot the last 6 weeks in helping me strengthen my shoulder and help with some of my imbalance.  My lower right back was a mess from compensating from my weak left side and I’ve been doing lots of rotator cuff exercises and starting to feel better. I;ve been going to a chiropractor off and on for years and never really made much ground.  The key to it being effective is all in making sure you strengthen the muscles to keep your shit in place.  Most of the people I see going don’t seem to be working on much.  Chiro work is only a temp fix..if you don’t do the work outside of adjustments it’s just a lousy band aide.  Took me awhile to figure this out.

So wednesday I was planning on running but it started raining pretty hard and I don’t have good rain gear.  I also didn’t want to muck up the trails.  They were probably pretty wet from all the melting snow.  Today- came the wind.  Work was a mess – computers kept rebooting..we had sites bouncing up and down all day.  Then this afternoon Keene took a power hit and a piece of our equipment didn’t come back online.  Ended up having to make the two hour drive out there to replace the  equipment.  Finally got home around 7 so called it a night.  (or calling it a night?)  There’s always tomorrow.   Bruins are on, I stole my wife’s beer.  She’s out with friends..although I think I just heard her pull in…better hide the beer….


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More snow

Been busy-  Bruins game friday night.  Saturday did 8 miles and then stayed out until 2am eating haggis and watching everyone drink whiskey in honor of Robert Burns.  Up early Sunday and did nothing but stare at a wall from lack of sleep.  Heather convinced me that running would be a good idea so went out and did 4 miles with her.  That was followed by a business dinner in Portsmouth followed with a day long meeting today with all of the Universities and Colleges in the northeast to discuss a project we are working on.  I have to be in Boston for 6am tomorrow so that means I should be in bed right now so I can get up at 3:30 am.  I ran 4.5 miles tonight in the snow.  It was awesome.  You have such tunnel vision and it’s so mesmerizing.  I was trying out the app that came with the heart rate monitor and discovered it will send the data to Strava and run keeper.  I still had to keep runkeeper running however for the live tracking.  It was nice to not worry about running strava.  The wahoo software is very customizable when it comes to monitoring your heart rate.   I’ll some longer posts later this week once things chill out with work.



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I’m not making this up…

I injured myself last night.  I know I did all this bragging about “going out and running in stupid cold weather” .  After dealing with my septic in the afternoon – I decided that it was just too cold.  The wind was whipping and wind chills were about -15.  At 40, I’m thinking I just have a better sense of what is useless bravado and what is challenging.  I also have learned over the years it’s ok to admit failure.  So I didn’t run.  I figured another night off would be fine for the knee.  I needed to give Steve a ride home from the local garage and he convinced me to come in and try out Throwback Brewery’s “Afraid of the Dark” series latest release.  It is a milk coffee stout.   It was amazing!  Paid for it later since I am lactose intolerant but yea TMI….sorry.

Check out Throwback.  The two women who run it are fantastic and they make great beer using all locally sourced ingredients.

Yep- I was a lazy bastard last night.  Sat around watching a DropKick Murphy’s concert on TV and then headed to bed.  You’re probably saying  ‘I thought you got injured?’  About 4am I sort of woke up and started stretching, no idea why but as I was pointing my toes and pulling I started to get a sharp pain in my calves…I tried to stop but it was too late, I felt my calf muscle lock up.  I lay there wide awake wanting to scream.  I knew if I did, Lise would wake up and start punching me or try to muffle my screams by placing her pillow into my mouth.  I tried to relax, started breathing deep, thinking of something pleasant and slowly the pain went away but I could tell I may have tweaked it.  I got up to put a log on the fire and yep , right calf is a mess.

Who the hell injures themselves sleeping?!?!?  This guy…

Going to Boston again tonight to see the Bruins play the Islanders.  Tomorrow is Laundry (laundromat for 3 months ahhhhhh) hopefully they have wifi and I can write all morning.  Farmers market, light run, then Burns night out.  I might write about the night of haggis and scotch filled messiness , we shall see.

Sunday more running-  work dinner that evening.

I was looking at the weather for next week and we have a heat wave coming in.  38 on tuesday?!

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Poopy (warning- lots of potty would think Heather wrote this post…) and nothing about running either.

I have been mulling over a title for this post all day because I spent about 5 hours in the car and didn’t really have much else to do.

It’s been a crappy week and by that I mean our septic system decided to act up and I went into panic mode.  We knew the system was getting sketchy but on Sunday things were not working right.  Of course Monday Lise and I were scheduled to go to the Bruins game in Boston.  Luckily I have some great friends who know their shit.  (Get used to it , I’m going to pun you to death)  The weather was also taking a turn for the worse, so it’s just been one thing after another.

Monday was meant to be a rest day since I was going to be in Boston all day.   My friends got the system inspected and I need a full replacement but that is not something you do in the winter so they arranged to have the tanks pumped on tuesday.  I came home to this in the back yard…

Hay! What's that?

Hay! What’s that?

We’re just trying to keep things warm with the hay.  Makes a great insulator.  So I spent all day at home on tuesday waiting for the pump truck and he never showed.  I ended up missing my crossfit session.  I was in a shitty mood anyways.

Also got a call from my boss asking me to head to Littleton and Lancaster.  I thought waking up to 1 degree on the thermometer was bad this morning. I got up to Lancaster and it was -9 without the windchill.   It’s a two hour drive up north and I did a total of about 2o min of work.  I got home and found out the septic guy only pumped one tank. Pretty crappy if you ask me. (Ok yea , that one was a little desperate)  Basement was getting too cold so I had to get the heater set up down there.   Also- ate like shit today and didn’t dare try running.

SO while everyone else has been out doing stuff I’ve been sitting around feeling like poo and stressed about not being able to do laundry at home until April.

As punishment I plan on running tomorrow evening.  It’s supposed to be the coldest of the three days.  I just like to push things and see what my limits are.  I went out to get some wood and I had a neck warmer , face mask, and hat on and it was still COLD.  Currently showing 0 degrees.

I lost one of my running gloves on the train.  Luckily – I can wear my ski gloves tomorrow and they will probably be just warm enough.  I have to order another set so I can have them soon.

Next two weeks are going to be hectic between work and trying to fix the septic system.  It’s just been a shitstorm around here, I do promise to stop with the poo puns though.

Highlight tomorrow is PottyMouths hubby is coming over to help me try to pound holes in the bottom of my cesspit.  I doubt I’ll have time to capture a picture of this epic moment but I’m sure I’ll have some good quotes by the end of the day.

Seriously-  I don’t deserve such good friends..I really am lucky.  (See I can be serious for a minute or two)

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Ran yesterday with Heather and did another 5.5 out at Northwood Meadows.  FU -Hill hurt, the snow was horrible, lots of slipping and sliding.  Cross country skiers were giving us dirty looks for running on the snow.  Loved every minute of it.  I was a little worried at first – I hadn’t put down 16 miles in MONTHS and then to back to back that with a loop at Northwood seemed foolish.  I slept like crap, our septic system decided to break and I figured, what the hell the day can’t get any worse right?  Discovered Heather has the heart rate of a canary

and overall had a good run.

Today was a rest day and I spent it in Boston at the Bruins game and eating really bad food and drinking way too much beer.  Lise found Sierra Nevada Celebration at the garden..we split one of those.  Everything else was Long trail or Boston Beer works.

Been thinking a lot about food on the trail lately.  My intake plan for the longer races is starting to take shape.  We’ve been experimenting since late fall with different foods and how they hold up on the trail.  I have a good feeling for what I want to eat during the race.  Now it’s a matter of figuring out what goes in and when.

Pre-race- Heavier intake on the proteins and water.

First hour- no food- Water

From that point I’ll start incorporating gel packs and/or food, every 20 min. Try to keep 300-400 cal per hour.   I’m going to skip the caffeine packs until later in the race.  We are planning on 6 hours so I want to make sure that I don’t crash before the end.  Still not sure the order of food yet.

Having run the Vermont 50 last year I can tell you Ultra aide stations are a crazy celebration of food.  One of the stations I stopped at had a huge pot of soup, Live music, M&M’s gummy bears, potato’s dipped in salt, chips, soda , sandwiches etc etc.  It was insane.  I had my heartburn fears and hadn’t run on any of these foods so I was scared to try them.  I sat on the side of the road sucking down my 500th gel pack.  Here is the danger of a long run…if you plan on just using one food source you are going hate it.  You may even go insane and jump someone else on the trail and steal their peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  So variety is the key, and you HAVE to train with these foods so you know that you won’t have any ‘distress’ come race time.



Here is a picture of people  using only gels for the entire ultra.  That’s not’s rasberry Cliff Shots. DON’T be like these people.

Foods I have tried so far:     If you want some serious punch – the Chocolate espresson can’t be beat.  I will be eating this probably last half of the race.  A few minor problems with these that I feel I should disclose.  First off- they are all natural and have natural oil separation in them.  You really need to spend about 20 minutes mixing the pack before eating it.  Nothing is worse than opening these things up well into a long run and getting a mouth full of oil.

There is another problem with these and several other foods like it in the winter.  Heather and I discovered that there is in fact a line to be crossed when trail running.   We were running the Vulcan Fury course again this past December and I had taken a pouch of the pocketfuel.  About an hour into the run I pulled the thing out of my pack and squeezed..and squeezed and it didn’t budge.  It had frozen pretty solid.  Nut butters don’t like the cold.  So I did what any self respecting trail runner would do.  I stuck it down my pants. Heathers was frozen too so continuing her foolish plan of following my lead she shoved hers down her pants too.  After ten minutes mine was nice and soft again but Heather was still having problems with hers.  I joked that I would offer to keep her trail food in my pants but I think that was the line.  It was bad enough that someone walking on the trail is watching me pull a packet of food out of my crotch and eating it…not sure what they would think if I handed it to Heather.   Heather’s kept falling down her leg inside her running pants so I joked that I was going to sew a pocket in the crotch of all our running pants and call it the snack pocket…I’m going to be rich!   In all seriousness.  It’s the best place to store food that is temp sensitive..I’m telling ya.  – I prefer this brand to all the others.  Softer and sweeter.  Just understand what the fiber is going to do to you over the long run.  YOU have been warned..  🙂    Only two brands so far have been useful to me.  Clif and GU.  I just get sick of them very fast and I hate the messy sticky packages.

GU-  more gel..doesn’t upset my stomach so yea.

Stinger –   I haven’t had the gel, but I did try the waffle cookie on my Mt. Lafayette run on Thanksgiving and really liked it.

For electrolyte replacement I have been using Nuun.  I don’t use it very often, especially in the winter due to lack of heavy sweating but I will be using it this summer for sure.

As I start building longer runs I have a few other foods I want to try.

The first big one that I have eaten twice now with no issues is organic baby food.  I IS ridiculous.

Happytot is the brand we’ve found is the tastiest. It’s just puree and we are thinking of trying to create our own in order to save money.  Problem with the baby food is that its not very calorie dense.  Jury is still out but so far no digestive problems.

New Larabars now that I learned I can eat bars if I let them slowly get chewed.

Corn tortilla’s with hummus and olives  (from Scott Jureks book)

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Test Day

I had no plans in regards to running today.  I got about 8 hours of sleep and got up and didn’t do much.  Steve checked in about a run and I said we could run some local stuff but he ended up having to cancel.  I had plans to drive out to swains lake and look for trails up in that area but before I knew it , it was well past noon.  I had eaten breakfast around 10.  I had 3 eggs, half an avocado and chunks of smoked salmon and parsley.  I was just on the verge of getting hungry.  I didn’t know what to do so I just decided to run from the house.  It was in the low 40’s and I wanted to get out there before it cooled down.

I spent the next 20 min trying to figure out my pack and food.   This thing is like the Tardis.  I kept putting shit in it and it didn’t get any bigger.  Managed 2 packs of ‘fruit puree’ , Lara bar, mini-mag, extra socks, extra hat, batteries,license,arm warmers, wind jacket, cell phone, 2X20oz bottles of water.  I would say the pack was at maybe 50%-60% capacity.  It didn’t look any bigger either except for my winter running jacket jammed under the webbing.

Lise said I looked like a burglar.  This is a problem.  PM is going to end up throwing me in the back of the cruiser out of habit.

I have an entire set of silver and 3 tv's in that pack...

I have an entire set of silver and 3 tv’s in that pack…

I also decided to pass on the solomons and went with the P2’s.  didn’t even bring the Yak’s.   Got out and headed for Beauty Hill and run was a bit uneventful.  Weather was nice.  I got to the dirt road and noticed my cell phone was bouncing in the cell phone pocket.  I have an ANT+ adapter on the phone and I can’t close the velcro.  I also noticed that runkeeper wasn’t announcing my heart rate.  I had to restart bitchface and threw the first mile out. Once I had it set up I tried moving the phone to a new spot.  I realized I could slip it in next to one of the water bottles and it fit great.  The speakers were pointed right at me so it was a win win.  So -…about that testing…

First Item – The running vest.

Pro’s-  Very comfortable- unbelievably comfortable.  It fits like a glove.  The amount of storage and options rivals your typical BMW .  I’m impressed.


The noise doesn’t bother me.  I hardly heard it but I think Potty Mouth is going to be giving me shit ..or kill me.

cold nipples,  THere was no irritation this time but I can see this being a problem in the summer.  Those bottles sit right over your chest. I can see why women are shying away from these vests.  Some are suggesting angling the bottles around the boobs.  Not having boobs , I can not confirm nor deny this works.  I’ll make my wife wear it around and see what she thinks.

Second test – Long distance at low heart rate.

Have to read this article–   I wanted to keep my heart rate low and see how far I could go today and try to keep a mental note of my hunger.  I was shooting for about a 140 avg (after reading the article this still might be too high)  Runkeeper has a different 75% range than the article so who knows.  Might be basing it off a 220 scale.  I took my time and kept running and running and running.  I got up to swains lake and decided to explore a little bit.  Found the town forest and a bunch of small nature trails.  At mile 6 still felt great so kept running.  I finally got to a point where I knew I was going to be stuck at a major road.

It was about 1.5 hour in at this point and starting to feel hungry, legs were a little tired so I sucked down some ‘fruit puree’ and turned back at about the 8 mile mark.  The trip home felt great.  Felt strong, ran into some ladies out cross country skiing.  It’s always awkward coming up behind people on the trail.  I yelled about 20 yards from them ..and still startled them.  I should have used my cool new whistle that was on my vest.  They turned around to see the cat burglar running down the trail.  I slowed down and asked them if they had any silver candlesticks I could steal.   After one of their dogs started freaking out at me I decided it was best to run away screaming.    I try to leave a lasting impression on everyone I meet.  Mission accomplished.


I have a very limited choice when it comes to trail food.  Everything gives me heartburn so I am limited to gels and dates and so far ‘fruit puree’  For some reason when I left the house I grabbed a chocolate covered cookie dough lara bar…NO Idea why.  It’s like all my heartburn triggers packed into one bar.  I’m an idiot.  I was about one mile from the house but I knew I had to take the dog for his two mile run.  I opened the lara bar and it was frozen.  I didn’t have it in my snack pocket to keep it warm.  (Snack pocket is code for crotch..another story for another time)  I took a small bite and decided to let it melt and thaw in my cheek.  As it melted and softened I let it slowly fall apart. I noticed that my body was not reacting like it usually does. No burning, burping.. I took another bite…and repeat.  Took me an entire mile to eat this thing and I only had some minor tingling … this is very exciting…

Got home. leashed up the monster and went for a few more miles and got home and rolled out.  I felt great..could have kept going.  Runkeeper miles were off.

Here is the strava entry

Tomorrow snowshoe and then at least 5.5 miles with PottyMouth.  It’s been awhile since I’ve run with her so should be fun.  I’m going to make her wear the heart monitor.  I told her I would clean it but I’m not going to.

Forgot wanted to add some photos:

beaver dam I used to cross the water hazard on the trail

beaver dam I used to cross the water hazard on the trail

there is a trail here I swear

there is a trail here I swear




Barrington Town forest

Barrington Town forest

Had to find a way around the water

Had to find a way around the water

The P2's worked great. Got wet but feet were warm

The P2’s worked great. Got wet but feet were warm

Uh Yea

Uh Yea

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I’ll be in my room if you need me….

So today was a rest day.  It was cold.  I was not brave.  I am a wimp.

So let’s discuss yesterday’s knee pain.  I had none today.  I did get up and felt a little bit of stiffness in the area but overall nothing bad.  I forgot about an injury I got about 10 years ago that may contribute to my knee issues on occasion.  I have a partially torn quad and I think my knee isn’t supported in the way it should.  I took a picture…

Any excuse to post a picture of myself in my underwear.

Any excuse to post a picture of myself in my underwear.

As you can see my left knee rides out to the left.  It’s a mess, but a known mess.  I’m still on the fence about returning the shoes.  I actually could return them for a full refund but I am going to give them one more run.

On to my other vice.  My new running vest showed up today.  I can’t give it a proper review for a few reasons.

1.  I haven’t run it it yet.




3.  See #2

I can give you my first impression though.  First thing I noticed was that it looks and feels like it’s made out of snake skin that has been shed sewn to a fishing net.  Looks about the same too.  The size is amazingly small.  I think it weighs like 7.5 oz without water in the bottles…that’s insane.  I put the vest on and right away I was blown away.  IT’S SO SMALL!  Everything sits really high and form fitted.  It’s literally a vest with pockets in it.  The bottles sit high on your chest.  You can’t help but grab them.  I felt like I had boobs.  Yep…I said it and said it over an over.  It was rather pleasing.

Out of the box

Out of the box

So small!  But expands

So small! But expands

Overall quality looks great.  The only gripes right off.  ‘smart phone’ pockets  don’t really fit an iphone.   I can’t imagine Potty Mouth getting her phone in any of the front pockets.  I was able to sort of squeeze the iphone in but wasn’t convenient.  That being said, I think on some shorter runs I would only carry one bottle and stuff the phone in the other bottle carrier.  We’ll see.  I’ll do a full write up in a week.

I did fill the water bottles with water to feel the weight and again amazed that it made NO difference in the feel of the vest.  Only thing was that my nipples noticed the cold water….just sayin…


That’s all for now.

PottyMouths‘  Instant message of the day:

“Slept like a fucking baby!”

I’m telling ya…they don’t make enough soap for this one…

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Tick Tock

Grrrrr.  Really feel that is the only thing to describe tonight.  I have a lot I want to write about but I want this to be somewhat organized.

The Run-

Earlier in the day , Heather  went for a run and the weather was looking great.  I told her to take lots of pictures and sure enough she put in a great 4.6 mile run.  I was so going to call her out on her ‘polite posts’ but truck driver language in texting but she beat me too it.  I think she is on to me… By the time I got home the weather had turned a bit nasty.  The cold front had come through and winds were picking up and the temp was dropping fast.  I stood in the kitchen looking at my wife saying “I want to do this right…I want to go run….”  I looked and felt exhausted. Amazingly it took one word to make me move towards my running gear.


“Dammit” was all I could reply.  I want it.  It’s what I dream about at night.  It’s what I told the world I was going to do.  I got dressed.  Lise pointed at the clothes around the wood stove and said “Welcome to Tony’s sports museum”  I looked and she was right AND giving me shit.  What I love about her…

My sport museum..It's a new collection every day....

My sport museum..It’s a new collection every day….

I got dressed and mentioned that I my running pants might not be warm enough and she busted out her winter North Face running pants.  They fit well enough for me to run in..A little loose in the hips and tight in the waist and a wee bit short but damn they were warm.  Most of my running friends are used to seeing me in woman’s clothing anyways.  Story for another day.

I headed out and jumped down into the pit.  The wind blasted me in the face.  I grunted and yelled while post holing until I got to the snowmobile tracks.  I hustled along the pit and started to warm up fast.  It was just about this time the pain started.  I am very familiar with it and has become a regular thing with my new running shoes.  I am very bummed about this.  I just spent a fortune on these shoes and was hoping it was just a small adjustment period but it has been almost 3 months and consecutive runs are becoming impossible.  The Yak traxs were helping but not tonight.  I decided to just try sketchy and I think I put in my worst performance up to the half way point that I have run all year.  As I was walking up turnaround hill I was getting pissy.  I had been trying different changes to my cadence trying to get rid of the pain and I noticed just before I started walking that if I ran with my knees coming up higher and really exaggerated my stride the pain disappeared.  When I got to the top of the hill I just punched it.  Ran fast , I couldn’t run my usual cadence of 180 footfalls so I shut off the metronome and just ran.  I was pissed.  I was running my worst time ever..the footing sucked and my knee was hurting and my expensive shoes were a waste of money .  I ran hard…Runkeeper kept yelling at me about my heartrate being too high ..I think I peaked at 158 which is the highest yet.  I ran 7’s and 8’s the rest of sketchy in hopes of salvaging something out of the run.    I felt good for those few miles but when I got through the end of sketchy my knee started throbbing.  Nothing was making the pain go away. I ended up walking the last .5 mile.

Here is the run on strava.   I ended up setting a pr on my 400m and 1k times.  Guess it wasn’t all bad right?

Weight and Food:

I was a little underweight today so I took in about 900 calories for breakfast.  Pigged out at lunch  (not sure how many calories I took in but it was a lot.)  and dinner was Steak and salad.  Still not sure it was enough but we’ll see.

Tomorrow’s plan is to try running in my regular trail shoes and see if my knee bugs me.   I have some thicker socks I can wear and hopefully won’t get too cold.  If I do I’ll just turn around.  I’ve already started shopping the saucony site.  I might wait until next winter. There is really only about 6 weeks left of really snowy runs left ..if that.  Have to deal with mud after that but I think my regular shoes should be fine…I hope.

And Finally..

My new running pack won’t make it here by tomorrow.  I am bummed. waaaahhhh  (I know poor me)

I’ll leave you with this gem….



See..I told you.

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Pain in the …

Running in the winter has become something I never imagined I would find so enjoyable.  All day I kept yelling at PM (pottymouth)  about a snow run.  It’s all I could think about.  There is something so mesmerizing about being out on the trail with a few inches of fresh snow.  I was determined to get a long run in so I chose my 6 mile, out and back, run.  I got home from work and gathered up all my clothes and quickly changed.  So quickly that …well  OK TMI WARNING- STOP READING NOW if you are easily offended, have a weak heart, don’t like hearing about the dirty bits etc….

I’ll wait here a minute for you to decide…

Ok so the rest of you pervs that are still reading.  Here goes.  I was in such a rush that I just left the underwear I was wearing on.  No  they weren’t tighty whities, no g-string, no banana hammock , no they weren’t edible..(bleh)  They were boxer briefs but the problem..which I was to find at about mile 5, was that they were made out of cotton.  As I came out of the woods I started to feel this weird ache coming from my left nut. (testicle, ball…jesus there’s just no nice way to put it)  It was like some dude was running next to me pressing his finger into my ball with as much pressure as possible, and the cold was shocking.  I reached down and just grabbed myself and was running a low 9 min pace while cupping and applying pressure to my family jewels.  Luckily it was night time and on a dirt road.  I let go and the pain came back and kept getting worse.  I ran the rest of the road with my hand over my stuff.  When I got home I stripped off my running pants and started rubbing myself to warm them back up.  Haha…no That’s horrible..but you read this far I figured I would gross you out.

So there you have it.  Don’t wear crappy underwear to run.  I have to say I was super impressed with my new NorthFace pull over with the flashdry tech material.  It does exactly what it says.

A few pics from tonight.  No I don’t look as sassy as Ms. Potty Mouth ..I was going for more the Secret Agent Man look…..


Bambi was just here!

Bambi was just here!

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January Thaw sucks…

I have done nothing..I repeat NOTHING in regards to running the past two days and it’s bugging me.  I thought the snow would be too soft to go tonight.  I walked outside later in the evening only to realize there isn’t any snow left.  I’m a dummy.

Shitty TV is on…Lousy cackling hens of Beverly Hills and their over processed husbands.  (Seriously, the corpses in LA will not rot….ever)

NOTHING TO REPORT…I’ve even been failing at keeping up my food intake on my fitness pal.  MUST get better at it.   I am enjoying the entry process on here though.  I don’t see a problem keeping up with the reporting.

Some updates.  Weight is still holding well , My weight swings up and down about 2 lbs every few days depending on how hard my runs are but keeping pretty good track of it.

Officially signed up for the Bear Brook Trail Marathon.  Going to be signing up for the Holy Grail 5K.  Pineland should be opening very soon. Vermont 50 sign up opens in May.  Vulcan Fury opened up VERY early and got in on that one.  (13 mile race at Pawtuckaway)

Talking with Potty Mouth and we need to start our 25K training by the last week of February.  If you have been following her blog.  WHICH YOU SHOULD!  You know her schedule is screwy.  I can see why she swears like a truck driver all the time, I probably would too.  We’ll do fine , I have no doubt.  Pineland is on my birthday so it should be a good time.  I might try to stay up in Freeport and bring ozzy with us since it’s all outdoors.  Of course it could rain all weekend and Lise will put a pillow over my head in my sleep..but who could blame her.

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